This video just shows you how much they really genuinely love each other. It is one thing to support your man/woman with their career ; but another thing to be APART of it. Not just because she is singing - but if you see any other shows they have done or award shows you know bee is always there on the sidelines spitting his lyrics; singing along; throwing up the roc sign. There is also a video where he was singing one of bee's songs ; talking about how she killed it with the lyrics. Its amazing to be able to mix business with pleasure in your relationship & not let it be a downfall. Be apart of your significant others dreams/goals/careers and it will make you both stronger & closer together. When two people have a talent & a vibrant love for each other they can become a lot bigger than when its just them ; alone doing what they love to do. Im not saying go up and sing with your man ; cus cmon not all of us have that God given talent ; Lol. But be there for constructive criticism ; show interest - find ways to really help them out ; or give your opinion. Your partner will then see that you love them and you love what they are doing.

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r u s s said...

I think it is easier said than done, but if two people sincerely want to make their relationship work, they gotta do what they have to do. It takes two mature adults to be able to understand and support each others' careers, not every couple can do that. Nice post here :)