Updates & Upcomings !

First & foremost ---- May is in ONE DAY - aka my BIRTHDAY MONTH :)I usually only do a birthday weekend ; but my partner at work is also a May born ; and she has convinced me that I must do it up ALL month. Lol. SO I have decided to do justt that. I am very excited for all that will be going on. I have interesting options. But nothing is finalized just yet.

Then there is events I will be working on - such as my poetry book. It has been a slow process ; just because I am having trouble with some companies on publishing & copy writing it all. But it will soon be all fixed && they will be out. It will be a book with about 30 poems of my own ; that I have written these past 6 years. 30 of my most favorite that I think others will really enjoy & more so can really relate to. There is also a fundraising event I am planning/hosting & will be working on through out this summer; Updates on that will be up sometime soon. I also got asked to be apart of a poetry slam event for this July - So I will be performing pieces of my poetry work. I was VERY happy that I was asked & thought of for it. It will be an amazing event.

As for my health - I dont know if it is all the positivity - but I am doing 10000 times better. I have been living off veggies beans & fish. Oh man; I never knew I could cook up some banging dishes. Lol && more so HEALTHY ones. Fruit shakes have been my go- to now instead of bags of chips. Woohoo ! Go me ! Lol. All is well though ; have some test & what not coming up - but I know I will keep getting better & better by the day.

Work & School - are PERFECT. Everything is just flowing into place & I am very proud of myself for all the hard work I do ; and all the great things I have been achieving and will keep achieving. All the time I spend on work for school & my job keep paying off at the end of the day.

I have been working on my NYC collages ; and taking as many pictures as I can of different places all around the NYC area. I am just about ready to turn it into a collage piece. Soon enough it will be up <3

Always remember I am open to anything. You can email me or tweet me on twitter ...for any request you guys may have. Jsal529@gmail.com or Twitter : Simpllygorjess

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Lady G. & Cynz said...

Jessica, I am so so very proud of you :)

Lizzy said...

Glad to hear everything is going so smoothly on your end.

In reference to your question about my hair, yes I do have naturally wavy hair.

I really don't do much to it.
I would just wash my hair, let it air dry for at least 30 minutes & then throw it into a bun. After an hour or so, I would take my hair out off the bun & it will get all wavy twirling into locks.

That's pretty much it.
Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! it's me @Imani_Sublime! Just wanted to tell you I adore you and I am immesely proud of you. AND try blurb.com if you're looking to publish a book of poetry. You can format it yourself and all that...free of charge, the only time u come out of pocket is to purchase books...but you can give people the link, they buy it off the site, you get ur moola and voila...ur a published poet. :o)

i <3 u Jess!!!

Briana said...

I cant wait for your poetry book! I am def. interesting in reading your lovely poems! :)
& glad to hear you are feeling better!