I need to write this down..

I take pictures of just about anything that catches my interest. I dont care if im in the middle of walking to work ; I go into my oversized bag & find my camera to take a picture of it. Cus If you know anything about NY you know that you can find just about anything on walls; street lights ; etc. && sometimes / usually they are not there for a while. SO ; I went to Brooklyn; Williamsburg not long ago for an event & saw this by a deli. It caught my eye right when I seen it.


If your a artist/writer/poet then you know exactly what this signifies to us. As a writer myself I came to realize my deepest & best thoughts come at the most random times ; such as while im on the train or just simply walking to the store for some milk. So I always feel like I need to find someway; something to jot a idea down on a piece of paper. I start to say poetry lines in my head & try to stop myself from thinking so I can just write it down. Lol. So I had to take this picture because it reminded me so much of the situations I have on daily basis. Whether is paper ; hand ; walls; computers; or phones. We must always write down our bright & inspirational sentences of hope - struggle & faith.

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☻TABOO♥ said...

I can definitely relate to this post! I am also a poet... it sucks to have a million thoughts suddenly hit you when you have not one sheet of paper. lol Ive found a remedy: my phone has voice notes. I record and jot down later. :)