If you know me well ; you know I have this great LOVE for NYC. Not only because I am from here ; but I just would not trade it for the world. I have been asked to move out to other cities ; but they are just not for me. When I say I love NYC. I dont mean little bits and peaces of it. I was born & raised in Queens - so that will forever be my heart; But I have been going out to school in Brooklyn & I love everything about it. I literally take hour walks to look at the scenery around me instead of taking the bus or train. I work in Manhattan ; and everytime I step out there - I feel alive ; like anything is possibile. Though I have quite a lot of bad experiences in the Bronx ; I cant help but love the beautiful gardens & parks around there ; and of course Yankee Stadium. Then there is Staten Island ; my new found love. Lol. The ferry ride is just one of the best experiences I have had; and ofcourse all the shopping I did out there - I wouldnt mind doing it all over again. Lol.

So I came up with a collage idea a while back to show my love for NYC; and to give people that are not from here the feel of it and maybe just maybe ; get them to love it too. I will only be showing one; since I have two more that I am currently working on right now as I type actually. Lol. They are all collage art NYC inspired ; & instead of using regular poster paper or canvas - I used a NYC Subway map. I originally got the idea of the map from someone I know who used it to tag there graff name on; and had it up in there room. So I decided to add my twist to it all.


The next one I will be showing ; hopefully by this weekend or next week will be photos I have taken myself of NYC and the parts of it that I feel make NYC what it is and what I love.

The third one I have been working on for a while will promote underground artist/writers/performers. If you know anything about NYC is that it is filled with ambitious talent waiting to be heard ; which is why you see all these stickers and promo tags all over trashcans; mailboxes; and streetsigns. I will be posting many all together and of course add a little twist to it of my own. This one has been taking me by far the longest because I am trying to reach out & find specific artist/graff writers etc to be apart of this. So if you know anyone that needs promo or know of someone that would be interested just email me at : JSAL529@GMAIL.COM

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