Sorry ...

I have gone MIA with my blogging lately. If you know me you know Ive been having some tough times lately. Health wise im not doing so well ; but I believe things will get better in due time if I just keep praying.

I had an amazing weekend though. I have been on some depression type thing cus of issues im dealing with currently ; so I dont even bother going out anymore to have fun - but this weekend I forced myself out & went clubbing with some close friends & the boyfriend & his boys. It was ALOT of fun dancing & drinking. Had a blast; it was a good change of scenery. Then on saturday me and the boyfriend went to go see " Why did I get married too " AMAZING. We both loved it & spoke about it on the whole walk back home. Cannot wait to see the next one ; Im a bit upset on how it ended ....but I guess we will see. Then we also went to the arcade around my way & played race car games & shooting games...he always brings out the inner kid in me. Lol.

SO all in all - it was a good weekend ; and I am grateful for having the people I have in my life. ESPECIALLY right now when Im feeling all types of ways. They keep me grounded ; and remind me of my reason to stay alive & breathing.

But yeah - just thought it would be good to explain to you all why I havent blogged. I will be catching up this week && today when I have the time though. I have also gotten in contact with some people I was having issues with ..and I am happy to say that slowly but surely my friends are coming back & the issues are being resolved. Which is a great thing - cus I need all the support I can get right now ♥

Stay blessed && Be safe my lovelys ! :)

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