People in your life are seasons ...

Lately ; I have been feeling alone.

Yes I have an amazing family
A Greattttttt Boyfriend ♥
&& some close friends i love oh so much.

But I am also feeling like im slowly losing friends; one by one.
Like the bond is not there anymore.
It sucks to see someone you saw as family before & feel awkwardness..
like as though we were never best friends before ; it sucks.
It hurts me more so ; than upsets me.
I wonder if it bothers them also? or if they honestly dgaf !

I hate losing people. When you have someone in your life for so long && then that bond is gone ..you go from speaking or seeing them daily - to nothing at all. It feels like your mourning a death. As though you reallly lost that person.

I just want things to go back to how they used to be ;
I just dont know how to get there again.
Is it too far away to fix ......or is there time to reconnect ?
Leave the past in the past ; or work it out?

Talking for hours ; inside jokes ; being there when we were down & out ...being eachothers crutches ; && having fun together - doing absolutely nothing.

I miss it ; & feel like im slowly being replaced by others that came after me to fill that friend void. That spot thats meant to be for me.

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Christina Love said...

love your header!!!


.AmandaBayBay. said...

you seem pretty cool.
follow me? xD