whats meant to be ......

You know when you have this feeling in your gut ; that if you were to try something again it can be even better than the first time? Thats how I feel. So - Sade ; I dont agree with you when you sing " I'ts never as good as the first time ". I feel like you have to give things a 2nd shot to find the real beauty of it. Time is precious; but time changes so many things - and if your lucky time changes things to make them less complicated ; more mature; and more nourishing to the soul & heart. As you get older you become wiser - you gain more confidence & due to experiences we deal with we learn the wrongs & rights of things.

I have grown into the person I have always wanted to be. I am doing everything I have always wanted to do. I used to be shy & timid & scared to speak my mind - now I use my voice for the whole world to hear. I grew into everything I KNEW I could be. & with time I know I will just keep on getting better.

But there are some things and people we lose during the time we are growing and blossoming into these great people we are aiming to become. Its what we all call " bad timing " - all I gotta say is EFF YOU "bad timing" ! Lol. I wish I knew what I had known before ........but then I would not have gone through half the things life threw at me right ? then maybe I wouldnt be the person I am ?

whats meant Pictures, Images and Photos

The words I must live by -- to get by ; each & every day from here on.

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i just love when you write :)