A Healthy Me ♥

If you know me well you know - I got real sick this week & had like an emotional breakdown - wow ; I was bad. It was as though I was losing all hope & was being super negative about everything. After speaking to a couple people ; they calmed me down & reminded me what is most important right now : ME. I need to stop thinking about every other little thing going on around me, and just think about my well being & my career/job. Since then I have been doing very well ; just a lot of positive thoughts.

So any female can learn how to cook ; but wouldnt you instead want to be with a woman that can make a banging meal ; and at the same time all healthy. I think anyone would say yes to that. I will no longer be a girlfriend that makes my boyfriend fatty foods. Lol. ( Not that I would leave him if he got chunky ....but I gotta keep my man healthy & alive ).

I cant say I am a vegetarian - but I do not eat red meat or chicken any longer. The only type of meat I eat is fish/sea food; to gain a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals. The American Heart Association recommends that people eat 2-3 meals of fish a week. With that being said I guess you can call me a Pescitarian? Lol. I am contemplating going full Vegan next month maybe ; but I am still contemplating that. I am currently living off veggies - Broccoli has become my FAVORITE. Also pastas ; fish; && BEANS. Lol. In the morning & at night as a snack I have some kind of fruit. I stopped drinking a soda a longg time ago also just because I faced reality watching this nasty video once on youtube showing what it actually does to your body. So now all I drink is water; juices that contain fruits & veggies - plus a lot of fruit smoothies and milkshakes.

I must say cooking & eating healthy lately has really been improving all aspects of my life. It keeps me feeling energized & ready for the day ; ready to conquer the world. LOL. I see steak & chicken on like commercials on TV and it disgust me just to look at it ; seriously. So thats a good sign; Lol. I guess it also helps that I am now going to the gym to work out & take aerobic/kickboxing/yoga etc classes.

Comes a time when you just come to realize you need to start making drastic changes for yourself && maybe that way you can change the decisions of others around you. Our body is our temple & we all need to start learning how to really take care of it. Whether your 100 pounds or 300 .... We must stay healthy; because life is not guaranteed.

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☻TABOO♥ said...

I have been trying to do this healthy thing for thee longest time... but I admit I havent fully committed myself to it like you have. I commend you on your dedication. Im definitely inspired.