11 month anni :)

So I have always been this hopeless romantic girl ; that goes over the top to show my significant other that I really appreciate them. I have cooked for lovers before ; and gone above && beyond. But this is my very FIRST time going - way beyond. Lol. I brung out the floating candles ; wine ; pina coladas ; && fancy dinner setting. haha. But it was our 11 month anni ; && I figured I could do a little something since he said he got our one year anniversary to come next month. So I had the apartment to myself and decided to cook up some veggie lasagna ; rice && some chicken wings for him. Lol. He had no idea at all ; and when he came his face was priceless. I always feel so cheesy when I do things like that ; Lol. But I know he truly appreciates it. We ate && enjoyed our pina coladas - then watched tv all night. It was a good night.

&& plus he got laid --- woohoo. Lmao.


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Lady G. & Cynz said...

haha this was too adorable!even a single woman as myself can appreciate something so pure a love like that. you two both continue to work hard fight for eachother above all else make sure God is allway involved. PS I love the end "he got laid" and he got that lil hawaiin thingy lol made me laugh