They love the way ....

I know many people that dont quite like Ciara. But I love her ! Not only for her music ; but shes a great dancer. Also mostly because shes showing that skinny girls can still work it. Lol.

I was 100 pounds for years ; and no matter what I did I could never gain any weight. Until finally now I am 112 pounds. I do not know what I did to gain the weight ; but I am still trying to gain a little more. Your probably wondering why -- I dont like feeling so little ? I cant really explain it. Most girls that are thicker are always telling me " why would you want to weigh more ; your perfect ; I wish I had your body " But I sometimes feel I would look better with more fat on me ; Lol. I feel a lot better now with the weight I am at right now though. It sometimes gets to me that I am only a 34B but I have grown to love every natural bit of my body; because all in all God made me this beautiful woman that I am. I may not have the thickest thighs or the big boobs && ass .. but though I am "skinny" I still got a lot working with && I love my subtle cleavage && non- over exaggerative fatty. Lol.

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