Bucket List for Summer 2010 !

I have made a bucket list for the whole year of 2010 --- But there are some things I have deadlines for before September shows up ! Here it goes :

1. Hair Change; something VERY different !
2. Tattoo - It has a STRONG meaning to it; a special post as soon as I get it !
3. Go to the beach at night
4. Top of the Rock
5. Weekend Vacay @ Log Cabin
6. Publish Poetry Book !!!! ♥
7. Learn Baton again
8. Learn Mandarin
9. Take Basic Painting Classes
10. Start a Photography Portfolio
11. Play Tennis again ; after 5 years !
12. Plant my own flowers
13. Have my own pet ( most likely a fish )
14. Fly a kite

I have SOOOOOOO many more like swim with dolphins && fly on a hot air ballon ; etc but These top 14 are the ones that I feel I can do before September comes around.

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ilsteviewonder said...

aww great list! this makes me want to make one! following you now =)

Lady G. & Cynz said...

Oh Jess a Summer Bucket List I love the Idea, I wanted to do one to but something allways comes up I have such a crazy schedule that I forget how to have fun sometimes. Thats sad isn't it? LoL

love, keys said...

ah good idea! i need to do one of thesseee!

Hell Notes for Beauty said...

The beach at night is amzazing. So many great stuff to do before summer.

Anonymous said...

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