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I have many post in the works ; saved in my drafts for you guys. Also I am thinking about vlogging --- just not so sure cus im a bit camera shy. Maybe if I get enough request for it I will do so.

I hate how on blogger - you cant get notifications that someone either commented after your comment .. or that someone commented a post of yours. Urggh. Makes everything a lot more complicated. I love speaking to my blog ladies ! I met such great girls on here ; and wish to meet many more - so if you do follow my blog && want to be more in touch with me - follow me on twitter !! : SIMPLLYXGORJESS !!

LASTLY ; I am looking to fix up my whole site - asap. New banner ....links to all my other sites and pages && just a whole new site renovation. I need help with it though; Last time my lovely Briana of Briunscripted.com helped me out. So if any of you know someone that is good graphically - or you are able to please hit me up either via twitter - or email me : Jsalazar529@yahoo.com !!

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Lizzy said...

babycakes, i get notifications every time someone comments my entries. you can change all the settings in ur accounts. also, when u leaver a comment on someone elses page.. you can click 'email follow up comments' & it will let you know after the person reply

Miss C i n d i a * said...

When your blog is hooked up to your liking, I think it's good motivation to keep coming back to it. At least that's how I feel with my Livejournal and blogger accounts.