Letter Day 3.

To my parents :

Mom ; I am happy to say & really mean this - you are my best friend. I feel as though there will always be hard times ; and days we wont see eye to eye - because at the end of it all - you are my mother first. But I know I have you there for me unconditionally. I know many people that cannot say the same thing. I have a lot of friends that have mothers that either left them ; or leave when they do not approve of them and the choices their child makes. I know that no matter what rut I get myself into ; you will either go with me or get me out of it. You make me want to be a great mother in my future ; you are the reason I know what REAL LOVE is. You are the reason I am strong & independent. It is true ; you learn more from other peoples mistakes in life. I know that you faced many hard times ; and you been through so much pain - but at the end of it all I know you learned from it ; but I don't think you know how much I learned from your pain & struggle also. I love you for everything ; for ever.

Dad ; There was a point in my life where I didn't know if I needed you - or even wanted you around. It was a hard point in my life.. where I feel you let me down. There are days where I still resent you for it. There are days still when I look back at those times ; and I cant help but tear up a little. But I remind myself that everyone is human ; and we all make mistakes. We all cannot be perfect and clean of errors. You never left ; and I have to remind myself that. Yes you hurt me ; and yes you did wrong....but you never told me to leave ; you never stopped calling. You never denied me ; I was your little girl - always. Even till this day I get a phone call atleast once a day - and though the call is a minute long ; I know you do it to remind me that through everything I still have a father that whole heartedly loves me and cares for me.