No Secrets.

So; recently this week a certain situation occurred - that made me so proud of myself & my relationship. A somewhat stranger decided they had the need to "inform" my boyfriend about some issues that happened a couple months back. Luckily ; me and my boyfriend have this - no secrets ; kinda relationship. We tell each other absolutely EVERYTHING without holding shit back; RIGHT when it happens. No matter how bad we feel the situation will get after it. We just both agreed we would tell each other things right away before finding out on our own ; or even worse through other people. So that was a big #fail for the other person. Lol.

My reason for this post though was - that the situation made me think ; like imagine I was that kind of sneaky person ; and I would do shit behind his back. The whole situation would have been pretty messy. I feel that this is what many relationships lack - ALL honesty. Me and him speak on things other couples would be too scared to speak on. I think this has got to be the most mature relationship I have been in ; and since he is as understanding and mature - it levels me to be the exact same. So like that when things hit the fan we don't argue and yell like most couples would. We really sit and talk ; and tell each other everything - and we both just try to fix the situation together ; without judgment or over reacting.

I think relationships with a lot of drama ; and you did this - you did that - are never healthy for either person. I have been in many of those kind of relationships ; where they love to always throw past mistakes you have made in your face out of no where. Or relationships where I would be too scared to let my other half no about certain ways I was feeling. It was unhealthy for me in all types of ways. You should never be scared to let your significant other know how your feeling. You want someone who can be their for you through good & bad - and for that you need real good communication at ALL times; not just sometimes. I feel that we both had to go through all those dramatic relationships in our past to really mature into the individuals we are now together. I am just very lucky to have this kind of relationship ; open book at all times - no secrets ; no codes; no ball & chain.

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AMY said...

i totally agree with you. honesty and communication is key in a relationship. i've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and he is my first, and we are very open with each other. however, at the beginning i was the one who was bringing up his past mistakes and everything, which i know now is VERY bad. And i got angry at all the little things. i was always angry and it was not fun or healthy. drama in a relationship really sucks. but everything is all good now!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. I personally believe that honesty is the best policy! This is too cute though. You two are too adorable!