hip hop never died.

The Roots came out with there new 2010 Album ; How I Got Over - in stores today. I got the chance to download it last night before heading to bed - thanks to one of my great twitter followers that put me on to a great site for albums & mixtapes. I must say I was super hyped to wakeup in the AM and listen to it on my way to work. I had a long commute out to Brooklyn ; and The Roots helped me make it through the day. I must say - I am SO impressed. It is so good that I cannot even pick favorites really. I have had it on heavy rotation on my ipod ALL day. It is one of those feel good ; motivating & fresh/ pure classic hip hop albums. The kind you want to start and end your day with. I am not for all that commercial music out lately ; if you know me well - you know im a BIG Drake hater. Lol. Not that I hate him ; or think he sucks - but I just dont consider him a real hip hop artist. I am more into underground music - that sound more like spoken word ; and not just songs that gain the artist money; and bump in the club. I enjoy songs that I can really relate to ; songs that remind me I gotta keep going & doing what I gotta do - stay commited. Hip hop is something I have grown to love. I like to sit and relate lyrically ; physically ; and mentally with the music and the aritist. Not music that preaches ; but just speaks to me. Not no "poppin bottles with models; and I got this I got that ; Ima drink this; Ima smoke that " songs. I was inlove with hip hop before it had to change its style up for fame ; before auto tune ; before it was all about getting rich. " How I Got Over " Album just reminded me why I love Hip Hop so much ; and made me feel live again. I give it a 10 out of 10. Go cop it now !!!! You wont regret it.

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