better in time.

Ive been loving the same man , for five years. He was my high school sweetheart , my first love, my first real relationship. We were only together for about a year ; but we stayed " friends " for the rest of the years . We both could not part from each other. We would both say we were done , and just end up coming right back to each other. We've tried the whole "friends" thing a few times ...but it was the toughest thing ever , because the connection we had when we were around each other was so immense.

Do I still love him ? YES. in love? I wish I still was. But day after day it gets harder to be in love with a man that bumped you down on his list of things that are important to him. He has fucked up ...many times. There is a piece of me that believes he does not deserve me , due to all the tears and pain he has put me through. I make things to easy for him, though I love him I know I have to give it time; space. If in the end its real, and its really LOVE ...then he will make that effort ...he will go out of his way...HE will chase ME. I cant keep making it easy for him ...and I have finally realized that.

In order to see if its really something real ; I have to see how far he will go. Because heck; I have definitely put in work for the past years ...going OVERBOARD to win him back for shit I've done.

Now its time to see how much he'll do to win my love back.
Am I worth it to him ? Time will tell....

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Stephie J said...

You are DEFINETLY worth it!!

gor(jess). said...

aww your the best ; thnkyou :)

gor(jess). said...

does anyone have twitt? follow me :)

twitter.com/simpllygorjess !

Caro Babyy said...

never ever.mp3 - sadly. I'm sorry, I hope things get better <33 my twitter; http://twitter.com/AYOcaroline :)

Kay said...

awwwww you`ll be fine, if he cares he will come right back and make an effort but for now just chill and have fun ;]