Quick Update.

Thanks to La.Morena ... I have been finding amazing things online. Due to my package addiction; I find any reason to buy something online. Anticipation && things coming Unexpectedly is my favorite thing. LOL. So I ordered last night from Everyday Minerals .. the samples of five , plus I seen the brushes and they looked pretty great so I ordered two ... a concealer brush and a blush brush. I also went on to Eyeko and got the cupcake lip jar ...i love anything that smells like cupcakes , or vanilla ..ahh its amazing. Plus I got the pastel polish. I really wished they had all the other colors but they were sold out. You best believe though when they get some on there I will be stocking up on them. I signed up to be an ambassador also, since it was free of charge ..ehh why not? LOL. Free gifts are always cool ; plus let more people in on the website.

Fresh Princess; had told me a few books she enjoyed. I went on to eBay and found the green mile book for three dollars; free shipping. So I ordered it , cus I did love the movie && if she is saying its even better than the movie .. then wow; I cannot wait to read it.

I am on day two of my "liberation" ( read my "growing some balls" post ). And I have no urges at all to contact him. USUALLY; I would to be honest. But I'm so upset still that I don't give a flying fudge. I cant wait till I can say its been a month that I have not spoken to him. AHHH now that will be liberating to the max. Ill keep you all updated though <3 Thanks to everyone that give me such great words & pieces of encouragement.


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Rai said...

You're welcome! I think I'm going to go back and get the brushes.
I hear they are AMAAAAAZING! Plus I've figured out a cheaper way to.
....well unless I buy EcoTools.

OOOOH! Let me know how that lipgloss goes. =D

Good luck with your "liberation."

x Ju.ju Bean x said...

Lol. I definitely feel you.
I loveee getting shit in the mail!