whats in your bag ?

So I saw that La.Morena made one about what is in her makeup purse. So I decided to do that but just extra. LOL.

I got this bag as a gift from my grandma. Its from Prima Donna ; She knows my addiction for big bags :) !

Then heres my Hello Kitty Makeup Bag. I bought on Ebay a while ago, Shipped out from China. It cost me $8.00 plus Free Shipping. It fits a lot , so I love it !


Here is whats inside ....


1.Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
2.Eyeko Face Off Cleansing Wipes
3.Juicy Couture Mini Lotion ( i LOVE the smell ! )
4.Neutrogena 3 in 1 Concealer for eyes
5.Eyeko Creamy Cupcake LipGloss ( the best ever )
6.Visine Eye Drops
7.VS Dream Angels : Halo Purse Spray (im addicted to it)
8.Sample of Paris Hilton Perfume
9.Mint Chapstick
10.Elf Pink Kiss LipGloss
11.Maybelline Shiny Licious Strawberry Tart
12.Cover Girl LashBlast - Very Black

&& the rest of the things in my bag -->


1.Mini First Aid Kit - with my HelloKitty Bandaids :)LOL.
2.Planet Spa Lotion
3.Extra Fruit Gum
4.Hello Kitty - Cash & CC Wallet
5.Hello Kitty - Change && Randoms Wallet
6.20009 Planner
7.Colombian Coffee Candies
9.A Young Woman After Gods own Heart : The Devotional


1.H&M Sunglasses
2.Hello Kitty Nail Filer
3.Judy Blume - Forever. * Best Book EVER.
4. My Addiction * Zebra Print Blackberry Curve
5. Airborne Orange Zest (Good Stuff !)
6. My mini Tote Cheetah Umbrella

My Wallets =X LOL. Just the regular cards -- library card; college ID; health insurance card; duane read dollar rewards haha; && the NYC/Lifestyle condoms - dont judge me ! =) ALL HONESTLY --- I dont even have sex. I just have them there for "emergencies"..and cus throwing away condoms should be illegal ! LOL. && YES those are all movie stubs -- I have so much more though thrown in memory boxes !



Hope you all enjoyed ; God Bless :)


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Rai said...

haha. I like this! I'm glad you did it. =D I did my purse last year when I first got a blog.

OMG! Colombian Coffee Candies are yummy, I want some. =[

Your purse is pure Hello Kitty!!
And I agree about the big bag thing, I gotta have one. Love yours!

honeymaggiebunny said...


Stephie J said...

u have so much stuff! That would drive me nuts!!

Im doing this too!!

stephyy said...

lmao!! love it!! I think I should do that too seems like funnn ^_^

gor(jess). said...

LOL. colombian coffees ; cant live without em ! :) ill send you some haha.

&& yes hello kitty is my lovee <3

stephie -- u dont understand; it drives me insane . lmao . it takes me forever 2 find w.e im lookin for at a store or when i get on a bus ; ugh lol.

&& stephy do itt do ittt ! lol

Karen said...

YOUR HELLO KITTY wallet is just too adorable, lmao i love how you have condoms in your wallet.

also it says your a teacher assistant, how is it because im going to be a teacher assistant next semester.

Rai said...

Jessica - LOL! PLEASE DO! OMG that reminds me... those Gossip Girl books I gotta send to you.

gor(jess). said...

i was an assistant teacher , loved itt . but got layed off :(

&& yes Rai , I will :) If anything ill email you or you email me your add !

tiff said...

Your hello kitty bag is too cute! I love huge purses too. I can just carry my whole life with me :P.

Sarah said...

OH I love your bag, it is sooooo adorable!!!

Sonya said...

You have soooo much stuff cram in your purse!! I love everything in your purse, but honey don't put condoms in your wallet! I heard that you try out the lubrication on the condom by doing that, and you increase your chances of the condom tearing.

But good thing you are safe :)

Sonya said...

I meant to say DRY not try, but I think you got what i meant. I want that friggin' Hello Kitty bag LOL

Miss [ ^_- ] Bumi said...

you have someones life in your bag! it can fit everything!

i love it!

gor(jess). said...

i deff doo -- i live in my bag.

William H. said...

condems??? that was a shocker....lol...........

**1st time viewer :)***

Pinklipssstick said...

Love this post xoxox