drunken night.

I have to vent about last night. Im here ...feeling like shit ! I should have never drank that much ; ugh. But yeah we went out for my best friends 21st birthday to PLAY lounge && everyone got twisted ; took some blowjob shots LOL. It was fun...the only problem for me was ... I had three of my exs there. Not a good feeling ; I felt like I was being watched ...Im cool with all three of them dont get me wrong we ended shit on good terms. I have no feelings at all for any three either, and never will cus I just know there no good for me , the past is the past you know? But they on the other hand want to fix shit. Well one of them is a go hard && is real jealous ...so supposedly he says he bought me a drink & I then ended up leaving him. So hes upset with me and is ignoring me now ? Its whatever to me cus honestly get over it , your my friend now. Then theres my other ex Steven that wants to fix shit and he was trying to kiss me and dance with me the whole night , but I kept telling him to stop cus its just not working. Then my other ex was cool the whole night ; till we left the spot && he blew up my phone to meet up with him cus he wanted to speak to me about shit. ( this is the ex that asked me to marry him three years ago ). It was insane , because to top it off Brooklyn boy ( some guy I was interested in ) came by with his friend ...but once I heard him say he was interested in my friend Janice I let it be. I mean it sucks but what can you do? not everyone can like you. Plus hes a great guy and I know my friends deserve someone as good as him, so ill get over it and be cupid for them. By the end of the night I was gone , to the point where I couldnt even stand up straight without tripping . Everyone was like holding me up. But Steven more so was trying to care for me. He has always been the guy that has taken care of me when I go out . He was always the one to come pick me up from clubs when he knew I was out of it; because he wanted me to get home safe. So I felt safe with him which I guess is why I leaned more towards him when I found out brooklyn boy was not interested in me. I would never ever get back with Steven though ; lol for so many reasons. But yeah that was my insane night ....Saturday were going out again with the same group of people ; excluding the EX's so maybe that will soothe me to not drink as much as I did yesterday. LOL. Sooo I guess we will see how that one goes. The way im feeling right now though ; alcohol will not be in my hand for a WHILLLE.


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Bombchell said...

WOW chica wow. that must have been such a horrible night.

3 guys u dont want, want u. the one u do want doesnt want u. and if u complain people will say ur greedy cuz u have 3 guys LMAO i know the feeling. lol I liked this guy, then he tried to hook me up with his friend. LOL. sucked.