New month ; New beginnings.

First off - Sorry for my rant last night ; haha. But Thank you to the girls that heard me out & took the time to comment me on it :)

Secondly -- I heard in NY its going to be raining like for days straight & if you know me you know I LOVE when it rains. LOL. it sounds so emo I know .. but seriously it just soothes me ..makes me light up my candles & cozy up with myself in bed and watch movies while I stuff my face with junkfood. Thats my kinda night/day. LOL.

So I have been taking forever to read this book " Are you there Vodka? Its me Chelsea " Not because its a bad book ; its freaking AMAZING. But I rarely have the time ..So im set off to finish by the end of this week ( well; sunday that is ). Cus I ordered so many other great books that I want to start. If any of you are reading or have read books you think are good && have impacted you or made you really analyze things let me know which one it is ; I love to read and in the process of redecorating my room Im putting a wall shelf to put all my books since I just have em stacked up everywhere. I wanted to make one going around my whole room , but it wouldnt work too well. LOL. so please let me know so I can go crazy next time at Barnes and Noble :)

Also; Ive been writing letters a lot lately ..technology has gotten insane; and I do believe its taken over peoples lives a lot; but of course I would never go a day without the internet or my phone. LMAO. But I wanted to start writing and sending people out letters/packages again. I know how I get when I see something in the mail for me; or when UPS knocks on my door ...its the best feeling ever ! lol so I know a lot more people enjoy it too ! So if anyone needs a pen pal; just let me know :) you can email me at jsalazar529@tmo.blackberry.net * yup I have a blackberry; or should I say CRACKberry. :)

Now for my question of the day : ( * If this one interest you go back I think two post down & my first ones there )

Question : If you could have the chance to meet someone you can have the most satisfying love imaginable- the stuff of dreams. Sadly you know that in six months the person will die. Knowing the pain that would follow; would you still want to meet them and fall in love ?

I said YES; why? Cus Im a hopeless romantic; and love is amazing...something I dont think you can find easily. So if I can be happy for six months I would cherish every bit of it.

What would you do though ??


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Anonymous said...

i am a serious book worm too some really good books i have read lately are The Confessional i forgot who its by Their Eyes Were Watching God by Thurston my favorite book tho, the best book ive ever read is The Green Mile by stephen King a billion times better than the movie.

To answer your question of the day, I would have to say no despite that saying it is better to have loved and lost then to not love at all' because after that person, your soulmate, dies its like impossible to move on afterward

Stephie J said...

I would say no. I know what its like to love someone with something so deep. I loved my best friend.. and she died.. days before my 16th birthday.. im turning 22 this year and still find it hard not to cry everytime i think of her. (just got tears actually). Love will always come around again. I agree with the fresh princess.. when your soulmate dies.. its impossible to move on afterward.

xoxoxo. PS. Would love to be a penpal with u!!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

i love tha rain too babygurl