Day Five.

So ..Day 5 of Liberation ; and I'm feeling freaking great ! Haven t felt like this in a while honestly. Like it really feels like a breathe of fresh air , to not give a flying fuck. To not feel all down & sad ..or confused. I feel better off.. like nothing is holding me back anymore. Before I used to care even a little about how he was doing && if he was okay ...Now I can care less. I cant even say its because I'm with someone, or I'm speaking to someone...cus I'm not. But best believe ill be finding me a cute boy toy asap. LMAO. Its about damn time that I do me, and have fun. Find me someone worth my time. This weekend coming its Girls Night in full effect. Its my Biffles 21st Birthday ...SO were going all out , starting it off on Wednesday @ Dave & Busters; Thursday at Play Lounge, Friday is Six Flags depending on the weather, then Saturday were going for Dinner at Sea in Brooklyn and off to a lounge in the city. We invited like the whole world to come on Thursday though , its going to be an interesting night...surprising to see who shows up =X Lol. Things are definitely going to go down that night in many ways ...stories for days; and I don't know if that's even a good thing; haha.

OHHH & I have a date on Monday ...So I will definitely post on that one ! <3
Once again PLEASE recommend any books you guys have read & enjoyed :)


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stephyy said...

goood!!! I think Im going to start clearing the air with dis kid lol seriously my friends have been pushing me to just clear the air and get things straight Im a little scared but we'll see what happens

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...