Can you Feel the Beat ....

If your a true music fan; then you know about Lisa Lisa. She sang All Cried Out & Can you Feel the beat. She also received an accolade from George Bush as most accomplished Latina. Freestyle music has not been given the respect it deserves lately ; and it has not been given a chance once again. I think GOOD freestyle music is very rare to find right now ; and she definitely does still make good music. I was listening to a couple of her new songs from the album " Life n Love" and I am loving them.

I was blessed to meet this strong female a couple of times ; considering she is my boyfriends aunt; his mothers sister. She is such a beautiful person inside & out. I know she has a lot to share with the world ; and make even more impacts on people's lives today and so on. && She has the cutest babies I have ever seen in the world. Lol. No seriously ! She will be on tour soon & having many upcoming shows ; so go check out when she will be in your area && get her tracks right off Itunes.

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Lady G. & Cynz said...

oh em gee Jess you have had the honor of meeting LisaLisa?! And its your boyfriends AUNT?! WOW I am a big freestyle fan. LUCKY GIRL :)