Memories :)

Music is the one thing that I know I can run to ; when im upset; happy; mad - etc. It changes my mood up real quick ; or mellows me out. All in all it just sets my mind free. It brings me to a certain time in my life when I felt good. Well - most songs that is. There are songs I can turn on and just remember the exact moment I heard it; where ; how I felt ; and when I learned all the lyrics to it. I LOVE those kind of songs ....because those are the songs that speak what you cannot say ; are to scared to say ; or say SO much about the person you are. You tell a person your favorite songs & just like that you can figure out the person ; the things they have gone through ; there struggles in life; and what they are really about.

Here are just a few songs that give me a good feeling && make me feel like my life just freezes to that time way back when my ears heard the beat ; & my heart felt the lyrics.

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