Sandpaper People

February is the month of love but if we are honest, some people are harder to love than others. I call those people "sandpaper people" because they can be irritating, abrasive and tend to rub me the wrong way.I can also be a sandpaper person. We all can. Our only hope is God's love at work in and through us. God calls us to love the unlovable and to reach out to those people we would rather avoid. God calls us to love each other just like He has loved us. In fact, God uses those difficult people to refine us and make us more like Him. Difficult relationships can sometimes make us feel like we are being dangled over a fire of unreasonable expectations, can't they? It seems easier to simply give up and walk away from all of the emotional stress of trying to make the relationship work. When we make the choice to love a sandpaper person, we are inviting God to work in us and through us to bring about change - to create His image in us so we can then see His image in others. Difficult relationships and combative interactions do not hold up well in an atmosphere of love, because it is through love that stubborn wills are compelled to yield. Under the influence of God's love in our lives, winning no longer seems important to us, as we recognize the value and worth of a soul.

I have been given many "sand paper people" in my lifetime. I learned this a long time ago & just stuck by it. I have always loved these people unconditionally ....because I know they do not expect me to ; they expect me to run. Yet I have always been the one to say no ; be however you want to be -- I am here ; I love you. It is the HARDEST thing to do. You dont understand how many times I told myself I wanted to give up ; cut all ties with the person; give them a " dose of there own medicine ". How many times I felt unappreciated; unloved ; being taken advantage of. But till this day I do not regret being that kind of person because I know thats what God wants out of me. He made me this way for a reason & I will keep being the person that cares way too much about people that dont even care if I do or dont.

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