L.C ♥

This female for many reasons is one of my favorite "celebs". She is not only inspirational with all she has going for her : fashion line; books; & tv shows. But she has the best fashion sense ever. I love EVERYTHING she pulls off. She was the one that put me on to the whole black nail sensation way back ; && the side braid headband. PLUS ; her personality && the way she carries herself is great. She is truely a genuine & nice person ; aside from tv. This is the photoshoot she had in the Seventeen issue I just got in the mail. I loved it.

This quote reminds me of myself so much & I dont mind being cute over sexy anyday !

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Kay ♥ said...

I will let u know =)

briana said...

I love L.C.! Every one tells me my style is very "L.C." which I think is a hell of a compliment! LOL & I actually just picked up the first book of her series over the weekend. I cant wait to start reading!