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I am a huge fan of girlprops. I think I buy from them about once every other week. Yes -- I odee a bit there. But I cant help it. I love the fact that there things are so original. I dont see many people with the same jewelery as me. Well usually not. I know many people know about this store ; but since there is so much of a selection not everyone gets the same things. I just recently found out that Girlprops is having a photo contest. So I decided to sign up for it. I only put up two pictures I already knew I had pictures with the necklaces I ordered from them. I will most likely put up more ; now that I know of the contest. I just recently put them up so I dont think they are showing just yet on the site to vote. But if you want to check you can. Click on : Photo Contest & my name on there is : Simpllygorjess - of course. I am posting the pictures down here also :) If you have not checked out girlprops go & trust me you will fall INLOVE.

www. girlprops.com



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Anonymous said...

Ill vote for you!! & I def have to check out that site how cute!