Music is my LIFE ♥

What many of you do not know about me is I used to sing ; I went to school for it. I was pretty good at it ...but I grew & stopped singing ...plus health issues I have does not let me be all I can be with it. So I moved on to 2nd best which is being a Lyricist. I am good with words; so why not write songs for people. I remember actually being about 10 years old and I kept a marble notebook with songs I used to make up - chorus ; hooks ; etc and then I used to perform them at family events. I still have that passion for music. This has got to be one of my fave hip hop songs because it really does show the meaning of music in my life. It helped me write a poem actually that will be in my self published book coming out this summer.

" My whole life man is really music
Through my bass line, I'm livin' through it
Another expression of life, I couldn't live without it
I like my music pure, not watered down. "

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