Things I want ♥ & WILL get :)

SO im super sick ; cant even speak - completely lost my voice & it sucks. Im heading to the ER soon also cus my fever keeps rising and its worrying everyone. But I wanted to blog ; to just keep my head off things.

So I tweeted not long ago about how I see many NY chicks on twitter ; or in person that I " Know " who are always out & about shopping & getting all the latest crap because mommy & daddy dont have a problem getting them all they want. All they gotta do is go to school & get "decent" grades or nothing at all sometimes. In my opinion that is NOT being a independant woman & saying " you got your own ". I hear these girls constantly talking about ima go do my hair; time for my nails; some shopping in soho; going out for drink; ETC &&& never do I hear --- going to work to get my $$ right ! NOTHING of that sort...so obviously wtf do you get your money from little girls?

I am kinda spoiled by my parents & grandma. They try there best to give me things here & there but I dont even remember the last time I asked for something; or for them to give me money. I hate asking people for things; even more for $$. I think it feels amazing to spend your own money on things....because you feel like you really deserve it; like you earned it; and worked hard for it.

There are also some females that really odee; and cop things they know that they cant even afford to be getting in the first place. You gotta be smart with your money; or in some cases there parents money. Lol. Why are you buying a real Louis Vuitton bag for about 1,000 dollars when you KNOW thats like basically all of your check or you dont really need it. Girls are so caught up in having the latest name brand that they dont see that is not what makes them. Your not an original female if your carrying the same LV purse on your arm as the next chick. Theres beautiful bags out there for 30-40 dollars that you will not see a million other chicks carrying. No body is going to really care if you have on a Gucci belt or a belt you got for half off at forever 21.

Maybe many of you wont agree with this; but its my opinion - my blog. AKA I can say whatever I want :) Lol.

The real reason for this post was to show you the things I have on my wishlist that I will be getting myself with my hard earned - " teacher money " as my boyfriend calls it. Lol.

1. IPOD Nano in PINK ♥ - I have been needing a new ipod for about 5years now ! Lol. I have one of the very first ever Ipods - the blue Ipod mini which has been working just fine ; but lately it runs out of battery easily & plus its pretty big. Lmao. So its one of the much needed ones now that I commute from Queens to Brooklyn to Manhattan then back to Queens every single day. Lol.

2. Love Kills Slowly : Ed Hardy Perfume - One of the best perfumes ever. I had like a good 10 samples of them ; and im up to my last one. Its amazing. I feel like its great for evenings & mornings. Plus for summer or winters. Its hard to find perfumes that go well with any season.

3. MACbook - I am a writer and I get weird urges to write ; whether if im sitting on a bus or at a park. I currently have a DELL INSPIRON which is pretty new. I got it in like September. But it is SUPER hugemungus ! I want a macbook because I can easily just pop into my purse and carry it with me anywhere; or take it to work and school with me. Currently with my bed size laptop I cant; Lol. So that is my reasoning for wanting a MACbook. Im getting tired of looking through my purse when I get home for scrap papers I have been writing ideas on through out the day for my writing. Prettty annoying. Lol.

4. My FIRST EVER CAR ! - Many people say I dont need one since I live in NY and I can easily get a around through MTA; and I agree with them in a way. But not only have the cost of rides gone up ; but theres word its going to keep on rising. Plus the MTA schedules are far from on point. I leave my house extra early to get places because I dont not trust them and there technical difficulties. Im the kind of person that hates being late to anything ; having people wait for me, irks me ! I am always 20-30 minutes early to just about everything for that reason. So a car would be amazing. Plus I have health issues in which commuting & running around for long periods of time is not good for me. Having a car would help me a lot because the trip will be less time; & there will be no running around from place to place to catch any trains or buses.I have my license; now I just need the car. I dont want my Lexus LX just yet ; gotta be realistic here :( lol but I would be fine with just about anything as long as it takes me from point A to point B ....Maybe even this one =X LMAO.

Besides those things; I am saving up money for very important investments I will be making to further my goals as a writer and artist. I will be using A LOT of my money for art supplies; and saving up to finally publish my first book of poems all written by me. It will be about 50-60 pages. I am in the works of it getting done ; and will actually be giving out a couple of free copies in the beginning with the promise that those people will give me very honest critique and will help me get it out there to the world. It takes a lot of time; money; and effort. But I am so ready to finally get my work out there. Besides the collage art & book publishing I have many other ideas and creations I want to get out there...slowly but surely they will all come into place. Im super excited :)

Anyone interested in seeing the collage art I am making; or wants a copy of the book I am writing please let me know and I will gladly send you it as soon as they are delivered to me.

Email : Jsal529@gmail.com or Jsalazar529@yahoo.com
Twitter : Simpllygorjess

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Shadé said...

Oh wow, good luck on everything. I hope you manage to get everything you want =]