Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

I wanted to blog about something ; start blogging about a little bit more personal issues. So like that my readers can get to know me better. Instead of just post about music/ art/ poetry. In a conversation me and my boyfriend had not long ago ... I remember him saying something that REALLY hit me & got me thinking. He said

" Dont you realize when your doing good everyone wants to talk to you ; and be around you ... but when your doing bad & going through shit ....where are they ? "

HOW REAL IS THAT ? I have many people in my life that come & go. Many people that stay for a little ; then decide to up & leave ....until they need my help or they just dont mind speaking to me again. I went through a lot in 2009 ....I went through depression; through family issues ....family in the hospital ... my mothers health issues.... & my health problems. I was in a real bad state for a long time ...there was a point were I would stay home & just be locked up in my room ...would not see the sun for days and days. & besides my family I honestly only had like 3 people by my side ..asking me how I was daily & what they could do for me. Everyone else was "too busy" to see how there "friend" Jessica was doing with her life; so busy they found out about my health problems & etc after a good year. Its hurtful to just see that some people in this world only care about themselves ; and forget that you should treat others how you want to be treated.

This is just a wakeup call for some of you to realize ; a simple hello ; phone call ; text ; email .....can make such a big impact on someone. Show someone you love that you care --- its so simple ; so dont waste your time . What I have been going through reminds me daily that another day is not promised ; so you must live like its your last - tell people what you want now ; and dont regret it ...because unspoken words is what you WILL regret once they are gone. You dont want your last words with them to be all about you ;you ; you. So take time now to ask them - how are YOU!

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Lady G. & Cynz said...

wow jessica this was really deep jessica and you are so right a simple hello text call or email can go a long way. it was just like i was saying in RLN tonight how i wish i could of said more and done more for my friend who passed away and being left with unsure thoughts and all these questions and the guilt is one of the worst feelings in the world,if you allow it to it will comsume you and eat you alive. tomorrow is not promised to anyone your here one second and gone the next.

yooitzkc said...

Hey Jess, it's Kassie from Twitter @yooitzkc.

I have to agree on you with this one.. People tend to disappear when your going through your drama. Whats more funnier is that when they need your help, they will hit you up. But won't check on you to see how your doing on a regular basis. It's a f*cked world we live in. :/

Yooitzkc said...

Hey Jess,
Its Kassie from twitter @yooitzkc.
I have to agree on you with this. Ppl never want to be there when your in need. And then they hit you up, when they see your doing well, with their fakeness. Funny thing is, they will only hit you up when they need help. but wont check u up on a regular basis. It's an fked up world we live in.:/