Hip Hop's Savior !!!

I know my boyfriend will enjoy this post ; considering he is a big Stack Bundles fan & he was born & raised out in Far Rock. If your not a fan ; then you can stop reading right now :)

Yesterday the best of the best came out . Stack Bundles Mixtape : Hip Hop's Savior. I bought it off I-tunes before I headed to work ; but had to wait to get back home to listen to the tracks ; & all I gotta say is - if you havent yet - you need to get get it or listen to some leaked tracks they put up on Youtube already. I have always been a fan of Bundles ; and it was real sad to hear such a talent had to leave this earth. Especially since he was only 24 years young. The way he left was also a very sad story. Makes you wonder what the world is coming to ; such violence surrounding us....so much hate. In June it will be three years since the death of one of the greatest.

Not only did I enjoy his music because of the beats ; & the mood it got me in. But his lyrics were able to impact many out there dealing with tough situations; or people that were just struggling/ losing hope in success. He was loved by many ; & I know many are excited to hear what this mixtape has for us. He's still alive through music ; always !

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