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Many people write to me ; or comment to me about how they love the relationship me and my boyfriend have. They either follow us both on twitter ; or see things I post about it . Or know us personally ! I appreciate the lovely comments you guys have about my relationship with Rob. I have gotten asked what do you do to keep your relationship so good & happy. Here is my opinion & things I think keep it great & healthy. Maybe I can get him to share a little something with you guys also through a guys perspective :)

We have a relationship where we are not a half of two. We are individuals working for what we want to succeed in & have separate lives aside from our relationship. Because of the fact that we trust eachother so much ; we have no problems when it comes to not seeing eachother often. We understand that we both have things to do - & our carrers & work comes first. Then comes our family & THEN us. He understands when I cant hang out because im too tired from work & I have to go home & work on my site/poetry. Just like I understand that after work he wants to get some studio time / music done. We support each other to work on our goals & aspirations before anything. We push each other to go outside of the box & reach for bigger and better. But at the same time we help each other through it ....he is my number one fan ...reads all my blogs ; promotes it however he can ; tells people about it ; and really enjoys it & is proud of me always for it. Just like I tell him I believe in his music & believe he is an amazing singer and actor. We let each other know we will help each other in any way possible also. We may not see each other as often as we would like to ; but there is never a day we go without speaking ...without sending out encouraging texts like " have a good day at work ; i miss you ; i love you ; get home safe ". Then every night even if its for about 5 minutes either one of us call & we tell each other our run down of the day ; what we achieved ; how we felt ; what were going to do next ; funny things that happened during the day. Its a breath of fresh air to have someone at the end of the day to just tell everything to ; get all the negativity out & vent. Then just feel better because they are there to lift you back up. We also give each other days with our friends ; we have guys/ girls nights out without texts & calls every 5minutes, Lol. But we also have nights where we go out together ; to party ; to drink; to dance; & just have a blast with each other. Because if you cant have fun with your significant other .... then they really aren't your lover & BESTfriend. There is so much more I would want to add ...but I guess I will let him put a little something to this on another post soon :)

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Lady G. & Cynz said...

I think that is absolutely beautiful. Not everyone is so lucky/blessed to have a wonderful siginficant other. I pray nothing but blessings for you both may you continue to God and love eachother. What your doing Jessica is great, your insight thoughts feelings and opinions matter and people need to hear it, and it helps .