New York ; I Love You.

So I just finished watching the anthology film titled " New York, I Love You ". WOW. Its definately a film that makes you fall inlove with NYC over and over again. You see all the beautiful views of NYC ; that we pass daily & not show much gratitude for. This film records at corners & views of NYC that you would not notice its beauty unless you were standing right there. It fits so well with its title. I loved the stories; they were unique & feisty...like NYC itself. It keeps you guessing ; & thinking about your life & just pin points the little things we take for granted. A must see if you have not yet.

I loved NYC already ; but this just intensifies my affection towards it.

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Lady G. & Cynz said...

Oh where at regular theaters? I want to check it out maybe all of R.L.N can watch it together