A Hard Week.

This may be the most personal I get on my page. Just because I need to vent somehow & I know I have amazing readers. This week has been real tough on me. I have gotten very sick ;a feeling weakness has taken over my body. I feel like im being weighed down. I have no energy to do absolutely anything. I have been going to work because I have to ; so I wear a smile for the hours I am there. Other than that I have no interest in anything else. I just feel so powerless; plus the fact that I look more and more sick by the day I start to feel so unattractive. I have always been someone who has loved them self no matter my flaws ; but lately I cant even stare into a mirror. At times like these my mind wanders ; into thoughts of what will be when I leave this earth. How my after life will look; and who will I meet. I'm not scared of death; I used to be ...but I no longer am just because I know Heaven will be amazing. But I cant help but wonder how life will be without me ; will it affect others? and who would not care? I was suppose to go to church service today ; & I wish I did ...but this feeling just didnt lift me out of my bed. It hasn't for a few days now. My whole weekend has been confined in this little room. Im pushing people away ; left and right. People that dont deserve to be pushed away ...people that have been there since day one that I met them. But I guess I am just doing that because in my eyes that will make it easier. Its been hard for me to smile lately ; and I dont know why... I have so many reasons to smile. Its like im slowly falling back into depression .....and I dont even have a reason for it this time.

Im trying so hard to shake this off ; but how can I when I feel so weak?
* NO I am not suicidal guys ; so dont worry that much. I just feel veryyy out of it ...and very sick & tired.

I need all the support and help I cant get right now ...so Im thankful for all that have been putting up with me & taking care of me.


I believe in YOU.

Im his number ONE fan. Not just because he is my boyfriend & he is the best....but because God has blessed him with this amazing gift. I know he will be someone big really soon; hes already MY superstar ♥ I'll be sitting front row at every show ; always.

Check out * Streetstars new Song ! * I Made It. && my Boyfriend is also singing the chorus on the song " Call Me ".


Tried adding it as a music player * FAIL. So next best things was the link. Lol.

New York ; I Love You.

So I just finished watching the anthology film titled " New York, I Love You ". WOW. Its definately a film that makes you fall inlove with NYC over and over again. You see all the beautiful views of NYC ; that we pass daily & not show much gratitude for. This film records at corners & views of NYC that you would not notice its beauty unless you were standing right there. It fits so well with its title. I loved the stories; they were unique & feisty...like NYC itself. It keeps you guessing ; & thinking about your life & just pin points the little things we take for granted. A must see if you have not yet.

I loved NYC already ; but this just intensifies my affection towards it.

Call me !

This video brings me back to them high school days. When you had those little crushes ; that turned into something deep - well deep back in those days. Lol. This video is just amazing. I have been saying I have yet to see a video lately that has a story line like they always did back in the days && Joell Ortiz definitely did the damn thing !

It makes me happy everytime I watch it ; cant get enough of the song itself. So here is what I call GOOD music.


Updates & Upcoming !

I am the best at multi-tasking; I swear. I am here eating; making lesson plans; blogging; & studying for my child physc exam. All at 2:38 AM . Lol. But NEWAY.

Some updates --

Its official ; just dropped at 12am - Wu Tang Saga. You can get it at Wutangsaga.Com. Because I know someone ; that knows someone I have received mine via Email & will be watching some time this week when I get the chance. Its a documentary into Wu Tang ; and shows the last times that ALL members of the clan performed together. Plus exclusive never seen freestyles; backstage look at the concerts ; and tour buses; album signings ; etc. Its great & straight raw because it is narrarated the whole way through themselves. Its two hours of Method Man, Cappadonna, Raekwon, Gza, Ghostface Killah, Rza, Inspectah Deck, Prodigal Sunn, Allah Mathematics, 12 O' Clock, Chi King, Slick Rick, Masta Killa, U-God, Papa Wu, True Master and more.

Another thing ---

Producer Ty Fyffe will give upcoming artists from across the world an opportunity to appear on his new upcoming album, Raw N’ Uncut. GREAT EFFING IDEA. I think there needs to be many more ways to promote yourself right now when your an underground artist ; and people in the industry right now need to remember the struggle they had to go through to get noticed. Aspiring rappers can visit the producer’s official website www.tyfyffe.com and select a “survival kit” to record a song for submission. Then if the track is chosen it will be featured on the album. The first single will be premiered on Hot 97 AND into the hands of many well known DJ's.

Lastlyyy ;

My job is currently doing many upcoming shows for the month of March. The first one is one that I think MANY people I know would enjoy very much. So here are the details if you would like to join me ; because I will deff be there !
Actor, dancer and poet Joseph Monroe Webb has showcased his talent in many ways over the years including the Tony Award-winning Broadway production, Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk. Now experience his latest artistic pursuit, The Joseph Webb Quartet. His music is a blend of hip-hop, jazz, soul, tap dance and spoken word. Experience an engaging and interactive atmosphere denoting sheer inspiration.

Need tickets ? Hit me up on Jsal529@gmail.com OR - twitter : simpllygorjess

Throwback Thursday - Music ♥

Before there was " Many Men " There was " Beautiful Mind "

Before " Best I ever Had " There was " You Got Me "

Before "Back Like That" There was "Truly Yours"

Before " Every Girl.." There was " My Favorite Ladies " ...

Before " Gotta Make it " There was " Get By "

Work Work Work !

As many of you already know : 1 . I work with kids & 2. I love it ! Lol. Here are some pictures of today ...

Throwback Thursday !

After work & meeting today I went food shopping for the house. My boyfriend will be very happy when he see's all I got. Lol. But here are some things that I got which remind me so much of my childhood :) It makes me happy to have these things around the house to snack on; brings back memories & makes me feel like im 9 again ! ♥


Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

I wanted to blog about something ; start blogging about a little bit more personal issues. So like that my readers can get to know me better. Instead of just post about music/ art/ poetry. In a conversation me and my boyfriend had not long ago ... I remember him saying something that REALLY hit me & got me thinking. He said

" Dont you realize when your doing good everyone wants to talk to you ; and be around you ... but when your doing bad & going through shit ....where are they ? "

HOW REAL IS THAT ? I have many people in my life that come & go. Many people that stay for a little ; then decide to up & leave ....until they need my help or they just dont mind speaking to me again. I went through a lot in 2009 ....I went through depression; through family issues ....family in the hospital ... my mothers health issues.... & my health problems. I was in a real bad state for a long time ...there was a point were I would stay home & just be locked up in my room ...would not see the sun for days and days. & besides my family I honestly only had like 3 people by my side ..asking me how I was daily & what they could do for me. Everyone else was "too busy" to see how there "friend" Jessica was doing with her life; so busy they found out about my health problems & etc after a good year. Its hurtful to just see that some people in this world only care about themselves ; and forget that you should treat others how you want to be treated.

This is just a wakeup call for some of you to realize ; a simple hello ; phone call ; text ; email .....can make such a big impact on someone. Show someone you love that you care --- its so simple ; so dont waste your time . What I have been going through reminds me daily that another day is not promised ; so you must live like its your last - tell people what you want now ; and dont regret it ...because unspoken words is what you WILL regret once they are gone. You dont want your last words with them to be all about you ;you ; you. So take time now to ask them - how are YOU!

Sandpaper People

February is the month of love but if we are honest, some people are harder to love than others. I call those people "sandpaper people" because they can be irritating, abrasive and tend to rub me the wrong way.I can also be a sandpaper person. We all can. Our only hope is God's love at work in and through us. God calls us to love the unlovable and to reach out to those people we would rather avoid. God calls us to love each other just like He has loved us. In fact, God uses those difficult people to refine us and make us more like Him. Difficult relationships can sometimes make us feel like we are being dangled over a fire of unreasonable expectations, can't they? It seems easier to simply give up and walk away from all of the emotional stress of trying to make the relationship work. When we make the choice to love a sandpaper person, we are inviting God to work in us and through us to bring about change - to create His image in us so we can then see His image in others. Difficult relationships and combative interactions do not hold up well in an atmosphere of love, because it is through love that stubborn wills are compelled to yield. Under the influence of God's love in our lives, winning no longer seems important to us, as we recognize the value and worth of a soul.

I have been given many "sand paper people" in my lifetime. I learned this a long time ago & just stuck by it. I have always loved these people unconditionally ....because I know they do not expect me to ; they expect me to run. Yet I have always been the one to say no ; be however you want to be -- I am here ; I love you. It is the HARDEST thing to do. You dont understand how many times I told myself I wanted to give up ; cut all ties with the person; give them a " dose of there own medicine ". How many times I felt unappreciated; unloved ; being taken advantage of. But till this day I do not regret being that kind of person because I know thats what God wants out of me. He made me this way for a reason & I will keep being the person that cares way too much about people that dont even care if I do or dont.


Music Mondays !

Cypress Hill !!

You may remember them for there most known joints : Insane In The Membrane; and How I could just kill a man. After six years of being out of the hip hop lime light ; they have decided to come out with a new album ; which will be coming out sometime in the beginning of April called " Rise Up ". It is said to have many amazing producers in the works of it ; such as Pete Rock and many more. This band is an amazing Latin group - which did many big things back in the days ; such as Woodstock ; && collab'ing with the Beastie boys for Lollapolooza. Also appeared on the first 'Smokin Grooves' tour with Ziggy Marley, The Fugees, Busta Rhymes and A Tribe Called Quest. It will be interesting to see what they have in store for us now ; will they keep on making the same music they are known for ; or will they change it up for the new generation ? Guess we will all have to wait && see.

Merry Monday ♥


I had a great Monday. I woke up & did a couple errands; && then went to work. I missed my kids so very much & was very happy when I got welcomed in with a lot of " I missed you's ". Its the best working with kids. So today we celebrated the Dominican Republic Independance. We colored in the flags & taught the kids a little random facts about DR. It was pretty cool ; all the DR kids were super excited & many were saying they were going to be Dominican just for that day; LOL. Now i'm here at home watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - its SUPER cute ♥

oh & I must not forget - today was Cynthia's Birthday. I got her a little something ; pink of course :) Lol. && Im pretty sure she had an awesome birthday today at work !

I also got some baking goodies to make during the week ; so im excited to make some treats & post up some pictures for sure ♥

Hope you all had a GREAT Monday !!!


Relationship Advice.

Many people write to me ; or comment to me about how they love the relationship me and my boyfriend have. They either follow us both on twitter ; or see things I post about it . Or know us personally ! I appreciate the lovely comments you guys have about my relationship with Rob. I have gotten asked what do you do to keep your relationship so good & happy. Here is my opinion & things I think keep it great & healthy. Maybe I can get him to share a little something with you guys also through a guys perspective :)

We have a relationship where we are not a half of two. We are individuals working for what we want to succeed in & have separate lives aside from our relationship. Because of the fact that we trust eachother so much ; we have no problems when it comes to not seeing eachother often. We understand that we both have things to do - & our carrers & work comes first. Then comes our family & THEN us. He understands when I cant hang out because im too tired from work & I have to go home & work on my site/poetry. Just like I understand that after work he wants to get some studio time / music done. We support each other to work on our goals & aspirations before anything. We push each other to go outside of the box & reach for bigger and better. But at the same time we help each other through it ....he is my number one fan ...reads all my blogs ; promotes it however he can ; tells people about it ; and really enjoys it & is proud of me always for it. Just like I tell him I believe in his music & believe he is an amazing singer and actor. We let each other know we will help each other in any way possible also. We may not see each other as often as we would like to ; but there is never a day we go without speaking ...without sending out encouraging texts like " have a good day at work ; i miss you ; i love you ; get home safe ". Then every night even if its for about 5 minutes either one of us call & we tell each other our run down of the day ; what we achieved ; how we felt ; what were going to do next ; funny things that happened during the day. Its a breath of fresh air to have someone at the end of the day to just tell everything to ; get all the negativity out & vent. Then just feel better because they are there to lift you back up. We also give each other days with our friends ; we have guys/ girls nights out without texts & calls every 5minutes, Lol. But we also have nights where we go out together ; to party ; to drink; to dance; & just have a blast with each other. Because if you cant have fun with your significant other .... then they really aren't your lover & BESTfriend. There is so much more I would want to add ...but I guess I will let him put a little something to this on another post soon :)

My Weekend in Pictures ♥


My Life in Shuffle ♥

I was tagged by the lovely Briana . So here it GOESSS ....

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media etc on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 6 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have fun!

1. If someone asks, "Are you okay?", you say?
Hey Young World - Slick Rick

2. How would you describe yourself?
Spongebob SquarePants - FUN Song ( LOL )

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Rihanna - Rude Boy .... HMMMM :) haha.

4. How do you feel today?
On to the Next One - Jay Z

5. What is your life's purpose?
Re- Invented Sex -----> seriously ? Loll.

6. What is your motto?
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper - WOOHOO ♥

7. What do your friends think of you?
Abusadora - Oro Solido - Lmao. I know thats what my BF deff thinks !

8. What do you think about very often?
The Calm - Drake

9. What is 2+2?
Jupiter Love - Trey Songz

10. What do you think of your best friend?
Say Something - Drake

11. What is your life story?
Survivor - Destinys Child YUPPP :)

12. What do you want to be when you grow up?
These Boots are Made for Walking - Nancy Sinatra

13. What do you think when you see the person you like?
More Than Love - Amerie Ft Fabolous ( Aww ♥ )

14. What will you dance to at your wedding?
No Ordinary Love * Sade ...Sigh.

16. What is your hobby/interest?
The Freeze Dance - LMAO ; Im a teacher I have weird kid Songs =X haha

17. What's your biggest fear?
Serani - No Games

18. What do you want right now?
Sexual Healing Remix Snoop Dog

19. What do you think of your (boy/girl)friend?
Superhuman - Chris Brown Ft Keri ( Right on point ! )

20. What is your favorite song?
On top - Trey Songz ( Deff not my fav; but its a good song! )

Happy Sunday :)

I got a request to do a post on my top 10 favorite Gospel songs ; considering it is Sunday - the day of the Lord. Requested by my lovely co-worker & Friend Cyn :) So I will list them here && then the video to my top two favorites; to give you a listen to them. They are in no specific order. Songs that can lift your spirits ; and just remind you that you are not alone & God always has your back when no one else will.


1. Imagine me - Kirk Franklin
2. Faithful - Lecrae
3. God in Me - Mary Mary
4. Brighter Day - Kirk Franklin
5. Trading my Sorrows - Israel Houghton & New Breed
6. Cant Go on - Group 1 Crew
7. Lose Myself - Lauryn Hill
8. Lord I lift your Name - Hillsong United
9. Lookin For Love - Trip Lee
10. Here I am to Worship - Israel Houghton



I was blessed in my life to meet some amazing & strong INSPIRATIONAL females through my job & then through Revolution Ladies Night service group I met a female by the name of Angelique. We then figured out that we were following eachother randomly on twitter also. She was amazing enough to do a post on her site about mine. I appreciate her so much because she did not have to ; but she is very supporting & a lovely person to speak to & to learn from. I wanted to give her a BIG BIG shout out for all the love & support she gives me site always & also just for being her ♥


Vote for ME : GirlPROPS ♥

I am a huge fan of girlprops. I think I buy from them about once every other week. Yes -- I odee a bit there. But I cant help it. I love the fact that there things are so original. I dont see many people with the same jewelery as me. Well usually not. I know many people know about this store ; but since there is so much of a selection not everyone gets the same things. I just recently found out that Girlprops is having a photo contest. So I decided to sign up for it. I only put up two pictures I already knew I had pictures with the necklaces I ordered from them. I will most likely put up more ; now that I know of the contest. I just recently put them up so I dont think they are showing just yet on the site to vote. But if you want to check you can. Click on : Photo Contest & my name on there is : Simpllygorjess - of course. I am posting the pictures down here also :) If you have not checked out girlprops go & trust me you will fall INLOVE.

www. girlprops.com



Tough Love NYC

I got this shirt a while ago ; & it is honestly one of my go to t-shirt when I just wanna be comfy ; yet still trendy. I love it not only because its reppin my lovely NYC but because its just so easy to fix up with anything. Its called " Classy Criminal ". If you are interested in your own Tough Love NYC shirt just go to : ToughloveNY.Com


Can you Feel the Beat ....

If your a true music fan; then you know about Lisa Lisa. She sang All Cried Out & Can you Feel the beat. She also received an accolade from George Bush as most accomplished Latina. Freestyle music has not been given the respect it deserves lately ; and it has not been given a chance once again. I think GOOD freestyle music is very rare to find right now ; and she definitely does still make good music. I was listening to a couple of her new songs from the album " Life n Love" and I am loving them.

I was blessed to meet this strong female a couple of times ; considering she is my boyfriends aunt; his mothers sister. She is such a beautiful person inside & out. I know she has a lot to share with the world ; and make even more impacts on people's lives today and so on. && She has the cutest babies I have ever seen in the world. Lol. No seriously ! She will be on tour soon & having many upcoming shows ; so go check out when she will be in your area && get her tracks right off Itunes.


Top 8 Magazines !

I have this thing I started just recently. I pick up a new magazine every week. One I have never looked through before, just to see if I find anything new in it to spark my interests and my writing. I do this randomly; if I think the cover is cool or if I see there is a article inside one of them that I think would interest me.

These are my very favorite ones though that I am a subscriber to. I am a huge fan of collecting magazines ; so hopefully through this process I will find many more to subscribe & read on a monthly basis.


1. Nylon
2. Cosmopolitan ♥
3. Juxtapoz
4. Complex
5. Clout
6. Teen Vogue
7. Seventeen
8. Poets & Writers

Now & then ....

Now :


&& Then :


Hip Hop's Savior !!!

I know my boyfriend will enjoy this post ; considering he is a big Stack Bundles fan & he was born & raised out in Far Rock. If your not a fan ; then you can stop reading right now :)

Yesterday the best of the best came out . Stack Bundles Mixtape : Hip Hop's Savior. I bought it off I-tunes before I headed to work ; but had to wait to get back home to listen to the tracks ; & all I gotta say is - if you havent yet - you need to get get it or listen to some leaked tracks they put up on Youtube already. I have always been a fan of Bundles ; and it was real sad to hear such a talent had to leave this earth. Especially since he was only 24 years young. The way he left was also a very sad story. Makes you wonder what the world is coming to ; such violence surrounding us....so much hate. In June it will be three years since the death of one of the greatest.

Not only did I enjoy his music because of the beats ; & the mood it got me in. But his lyrics were able to impact many out there dealing with tough situations; or people that were just struggling/ losing hope in success. He was loved by many ; & I know many are excited to hear what this mixtape has for us. He's still alive through music ; always !


It's a Beautiful Day !

Considering Valentines Day was yesterday. I will tell my love story with my Boyfriend. Before I show any pictures & details of our great vday/night ! :)

So - we met a while back; but did not get the chance to really communicate or speak because of drama occuring around us. Plus I was in my fuck guys mood ; so when he came to ask me if I wanted a patron shot - I gave him that fuck off ; diva face =X opps.Lol. After that we met again at my best friends birthday dinner which she had at a mexican restuarant called El Cantinero. It was some what of a set up ; since they knew he was interested in me from before. I had no idea ; but once we got there it was very obvious. We sat downstairs & had dinner plus pina coladas ; and he basically didnt say much to me ; all I remember him saying is he was not a mushy person ... since his bestfriend was speaking about people that are very mushy when there in relationships. After that we went upstairs since the restuarant had a lounge/bar. We were hanging there & I thought he was cute so when he finally started conversation I was like AWW :) so he asked me my age ; I said 22 ...asked for his & he said 20.....thats when I was like DAMN ; on to the next one ! Lol. Nah JK ; I still held a convo with him but I admit I wasent as interested since he was so young to me. We both left at the same time to head out ; and it was very simple; a goodbye on the cheek & we both figured that was that. The next day I wokeup with him on my mind. I dont know why ...but I was like damn ; he was real cute. Also I guess just the fact that he seemed very confident ; and wasent all over me like a usual guy would be. Its the calm; cool & collective guys that catch my attention. So I decided to hit up his bestfriend & asked him .." why has your friend not asked for my BBM Pin? " Shortly after that ; I get a request & I see "Rob" on my BBM list. I felt like a go-hard cus I was like dude is probably not even interested ..but still I got the nerve to write to him " Hey new BBM friend ! " & from there we spoke through BBM from morning to night ; for a good 4 to 5 days. I started to like him more and more. Our first date was suppose to be to the movies ; but that didn't work out so we went to the park & spoke for hours - about our goals; dreams; struggles; interest & dislikes. I felt really at ease with him . I never met someone who was so interested in my life & just wanted to ask me questions. Then our 2nd date was to the movies ; we saw Public Enemies. It was real cute. We went on a couple more dates from there....started speaking on the phone almost every night. Then one night I was at a lounge around his way with my best friend & decided to extend the invitation. I was happy to see that he came ; even though he was with his boys & some other chicks before I had invited him. I was real nervous ; cus we were still friends & all of our dates were verrry much so on friendly bases. That night though ; I had a feeling it was going to be more; & I wanted it to become more. We had our first kiss that night & then the next day he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was very random because we both told each other in the beginning that we were not looking for anything serious; and that we had trust issues. But I guess thats the beauty of taking things slow & really getting to know a person ... they can change your mind of what you want. I remember our first date as a couple we decided to take eachother somewhere; but as a surprise. It was SO cute when he took me to Build-A-Bear ; because he remembered how I told him ( while we were just friends ) that I have always wanted to go there to make a bear with a boyfriend ; but I never had anyone that was romantic & lovey dovey like that . So for him to have remembered that was beautiful. Then I took him to the museum of sex ...real romantic of me ; I know. Lol. Now many months later ; many dates later we are still together & stronger than ever. It took me 7months to realize I am in love with this man. I like to take my time when it comes to EVERYTHING in a relationship. So I'm very happy we took our time saying our first " I love you's " and falling in love ; etc. This is the first time I am in a relationship where I can REALLY say he is my bestfriend ; and he knows me inside & out. He conquered every layer of me that all these other little boys failed to do. I dont hide anything from him ; I am myself completely. For the first time I have someone I'm not scared to speak my mind to; nor think it will turn into a argument or misunderstanding. He treats me just amazing ; even when I dont deserve it. We have fought like once; & it lasted like a hour. Im very grateful for the man I have in my life now. I can do anything & everything with him. Ive never had that in a relationship. A man that believes in me; pushes me to be all I can be. I swear I learn so much from him ; every single day. He is a true romantic ; a man that will do just about anything to put a smile on face. Things you think you only see in movies * SIGH. We have fun whether its dancing all night at a club or staying in watching movies. There is absolutely no drama with him; he lets me do & speak to whomever I want & vice versa without any fussing or fighting. Thats a real man. We both get along verrrry well with eachothers bestfriends & families. I swear its the relationship Ive been dreaming and praying for all my life. The fairytale relationship many people told me I would never find ; because it was "impossible" , but I did find it & I will never let it go for nothing.

Now onto Valentines day - As the amazing boyfriend he is ; he had remembered I said I wanted a " Baby Sister " for Lil Rob our Build-a-Bear he first got me. ( If you follow me on twitter; you know I have been saying I was going to get Lil Rob a Sister) So his present to me was the cutest pink bear he named Lil Jes. Lol. Shes adorable with her pink heart fluffy dress & party shoes. Plus he got me gorgeous pink flowers; and a box of chocolates. But the thing that really got to me ; that put the BIGGEST smile on my face was the card he got me.


My surprise to him was : I took him out to eat ; we went to El Cantinero - the place we first met almost a year ago from today :) He loved it. & it was just so funny being there and reminising. We ordered our food with some Pina coladas & had a blast. After we went upstairs to the bar/lounge like we did the very first time we met there & we had some drinks ; sat down ; & listened to some music. It was a great night. I couldnt have asked for better. After we went to his house ; relaxed & slept till he had to wakeup for work ! Hands down ; the best Valentines ever; my first REAL Valentines Day ♥

You did good baby ;) Next up on Friday is our Anniversary ! ♥
I'll leave you with some pictures :


OH && here are some things I made for him as a V-day Present; besides the little things I got him ! ♥




Happy Valentines Day Everyone :)

I am super excited for today. I will be spending the morning with my family at iHop for some pancakes & then my boyfriend will be coming over ; since his surprize he says is too big to carry around ; hmm. & then we will be heading out to the city for a dinner reservation I made for us. Im super excited just to be with him :) :). This is honestly my first REAL valentines day. All my others weren't much of a valentines day - or they were spent with friends & family. Now that I have a boyfriend im in a even more mushy lovey dovey mood this day. Lol. I will be making a whole entry on my day/night.

Have a great one guys ! & Remember if you do not have a valentine - appreciate your friends & family that have always loved you.


Jesus Saves !

Clarke: Saves, ok let’s get started, tell everyone your full name, address and telephone number.

Saves: (Laughs) Clarke, you’re funny…

Clarke:You write “JESUS SAVES” why? Did you ever write anything else?

Saves:I write JESUS SAVES to let the whole New York state know the free gift Jesus offers called salvation. Through this message I believe many will be saved. I’m an evangelist in the graff game. An evangelist is someone who spreads the word of god to everyone, all nations such as Billy Graham, TD Jakes and Nicky Cruz. Back then I used to write SPAIN. I only wrote it when ever I had paint in my hand. I wasn’t into it like i am now.

Clarke: You’re one of the most popular taggers in NYC now, you’ve been featured in Mass Appeal, YRB and NY TIMES. How have you maintained a low profile while still getting exposure?

Saves: Well god opens doors and he uses me through graffiti to evangelize others either through walls magazine websites and video.

Clarke: You spent time in jail for writing, please explain what that was like.

Saves: Well first of all, I never got caught for writing on the walls. I got stopped by DTS (detectives) cause of the way I dress with my black baggy jeans and hoodie and black timbs. So what happens is that I get stopped since it’s like 3:00am in the morning. It’s been five times they found paint in my pocket and they took me in. I ended up in Rikers island cause of my records from back then including a felony. Sometimes I end up months in Rikers island doing my time in peace and minding my own business but I still continue to pray every night not caring who’s in there and what they say about me. Nobody in there fazes me or scares me cause I roll with Jesus Christ.

I got the father son and holy spirit with me. I’m untouchable.

Clarke:You’ve lived a wild life and you weren’t always spiritual. What was your life like before you found Jesus?

Saves: Well one thing about me I used to stop committing a crime I got arrested for and moved on to the next scheme. I got bagged robbing people with a metallic fake gun. I got away with loot a lot of times. I did my dirt far from my neighborhood in Bushwick. Manhattan was the spot to rob homosexuals in the village and by Fort Greene PJs, waiting for Mexicans by P.S. 67 …LOL… after I got bagged I went for burglarizing peoples crib and stores after they closed with laundry bags. I got caught in a dead man’s house after my boys Angel, Javi, Max and I broke a lock in the door in 25 monument walk in Fort Greene pjs with the dead man’s property in the laundry bag.

Someone must have snitched after the loud noise of breaking the lock. We got caught and we was taking to the precinct next to the library and P.S. 67. I also got arrested one time for selling drugs in 90 with my boy Timothy on Broadway and Cornilia. I got arrested for smoking weed in the handball court behind Bushwick high school only three blocks from my crib and I was taking to 83rd precinct on Knickerbocker Ave. I also got arrested for fighting, hoping the train, a double charge for trespassing and throwing eggs for Halloween in front of Bushwick high school….(laughs) ….. for being inside a stolen car and a second charge for my escape for having drugs in my pocket after a DT walked his k9 pretending he was a white dude walking his dog, but now god has liberated me from all this mess. I’m a new man in Christ but this is who I was before Christ.

Clarke: Who are your favorite writers?


Clarke:Most recently Peter Vallone has been campaigning against graffiti writers. What are your thoughts on him?

Saves: He makes me laugh. I think he’s funny. When will he understand that there’s more than 700 graffiti writers in New York city and that graffiti is unstoppable. I mean from toys to professionals, and from the age of 13 to like the age of 50 years of age. I understand to complain about writing on clean property but legal graffiti or graffiti on abandon buildings trees or metallic signs is nothing to be complaining about

Clarke:what are your feelings on snitches?

Saves:I feel that a snitch should never open his mouth cause his own words could get him into deep trouble. There’s rumors about me being a snitch. Come on I know much better than that. I know that words has power to uplift and to destroy this is the main reason that I’m a man who keeps things to my self not caring what I see or hear. There’re times I don’t even care what situation takes place I just continue to go my way and mind my biz.

Nah Mean?

A snitch doesn’t know how strong words are and how harder it affects some one that could even caused them their life. If they didn’t know well now they do.

Clarke: You’re all over NYC, how do you find the time?

Saves: I make my own time especially for Sundays night every week I go to one borough and bomb so that means in a month I be all city since there is four weeks four every borough Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. A new month comes in and I do the same as the chain continues.