10 Happy Places :)

I was tagged by Bond Girl to do this blog . It is 10 pictures that bring me back to happy a place in my life. So it does the trick when im really down & out.

On our way to the beach with my bffs - Summer 09 ♥

My birthday cake May 09 - It was the dominican cake. This birthday was just plain & simple the best of the best !

A picture taken at a local bar I went to one night with my boyfriend & the bffs in the summer. It was a funny sign ; & just a great night spent with great company !

My pain in the butt brother ; this picture reminds me of the day where I am pretty sure was the first time my boyfriend came over to meet the familia. But I love this picture because my brother brings out my silly side ;as you can see.

This was when my boyfriend was SO sure he could beat me at Madden. UM yeah ; negative. The one who scored 87 was ME! :) LOL.

My Godbrother; My little Nugget. This picture was taken the day that I invited Rob to go with us to the arcade & mcdonalds. It was when me & him were still just friends & the first time he met the nugget. It was a fun day && then I bought those for him at some store & we took a bunch of pictures with them on. Lol.

My boyfriends t-shirt one night we went to the movies. I kept telling him over & over how much I loved it. I took a picture and sent it to all my bestfriends. Lol. It reminds me of the beginning of our relationship - it was deff one of our first dates as an official couple.

CHEESECAKE ! :) You all know I just love cheesecake. But this night was pretty classic. It was a very spontaneous night where me & the girls went to one of our favorite bars in the city called Tonic. We had a BLAST. One of the best nights with them. Lots of free drinks & dancing too <3

Astoria Park. I love love this part of the park on a sunny summer day. I had gone to the pool out there & after we just decided to relax in the park & catch some sun. Got some sandwiches & just enjoyed the scenery around us. Deff a spot I will keep on going to .

Lastly ; another spontaneous night with friends. We had nothing to do after playing pool & having some drinks..So we decided why not drive out the the beach & wait for the sun to set. It was beautiful - as tired as we all were. It was another great night - reasons why I love summer in NYC ♥

"Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient." - Aristotle

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