Rooftops of Tehran ♥

This reminded me a lot of the book I read my freshman year in college called " The Kite Runner " ( which is amazing ; a must read ! ) This one I just got yesterday ; and I am up to page 98 already. Its a kind of book that is hard to put down ; and besides the story line being thrilling & unique ; you get to learn a whole lot.

It's a coming of age story in a small neighborhood in Tehran in the 1970s when the Shah ruled with the help of his secret police the SAVIK. 17 year old Pashi and his best friend Ahmed spend most of the summer nights on the rooftop of Pashi’s house, speculating about everything from what life will be like in the future, to naming stars for friends, and talking about Faheemeh and Zara, the young women they are attracted to. How they work around the restrictive customs relating to being with those of the opposite sex, arranged marriage and the rigidity of public schools at the time all add quality to the story. Many scenes in the book will stay with the reader after finishing it.

There’s rebellion, brutality, young love, the beauty of honor and strong friendships as well, all adding to the beauty of this book. Some stories beg for a sequel, this one jumps up on the podium and absolutely demands one.

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