The Price of Beauty ... ♥

So many people dislike this lady right here ; but I cant help but love her for all she has gone through & has been put through ( media wise ). She to me is a person thats very much so like us. She shows us just how normal she is ; and is not afraid of being herself ...even if it gains much controversy. She has a new show ; which I was iffy about before ; but once I seen the shows premiere today I must say - you go girl !

They made it sound like the show was only going to go around the world to find ways to become more beautiful through regimes and treatments etc. But it is so much more. It is really getting into the insecurities of every day females ; and the things we do ; the prices we pay at the end or during it to be closer to "perfect".

I dont think its possible for you to now a days find a female that is 100 percent happy with herself every single day ; day in day out. If people were as cocky as they sounded they would not be using there cleavage as there icons , or constantly talking about materialistic things they want/need or have. I know; I myself cannot sit here and say I am always secure & confident about myself. It is hard to be when you live in a world where everyone is telling you your either too fat or too skinny. That to be beautiful you must look like the girls on the magazine covers & etc. You have all these pressures around you & people which will purposely break you down till you start believing you arent beautiful yourself.

This show I feel will not only teach you things that other females consider beautiful around the world - but at the same time remind you that just being you is the most beautiful you can be.

The first episode was tonight and they went to Bangkok. Out there being beautiful to woman means being fair ( light skin color ) . They believe when you are tan it means you are of a lower class because you work in the sun too long. So the women out there use makeup/ bleach to lighten there skin color ..and the makeup they buy usually has a lot of white pigmenting. That just sounds crazy to me.

They showed a lady that went through so many processes to gain a light skin complexion to the point where it ruined not only her skin ; but her life. Her husband ended up leaving her & due to the sun and so much treatment her skin couldnt handle much. It was very sad to see - more so ; because now the lady regrets it ; now it is hard for her to even go out in public because she is ashamed with herself.

It is crazy what others around the world define beautiful as. This is a must watch so if you are interested it is every monday at 10PM


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