At the end of the day we are all people; Regardless of how much we want to act like computers..

I had cut this out of a magazine not long ago ; to use for one of my collages. It reminded me of something I wanted to blog about before. As technology increases ; I sadly believe we are losing our selves. It may be amazing to some .....and it is in a way now that there is much more than word of mouth ; but its slowly running our lives. You can honestly say you KNOW someone now if you follow them on twitter. Seriously; people put there every move on that thing - and leave nothing to the imagination. It's like what is the point of getting to know you ; when your twitter page speaks for you ? I admit I was a huge twitter fan when it first came out ; tweeted just about every minute. Now I rarely use it during the week - not only because im too busy to be tweeting ; but because I see no point in telling you nosy asses what I am doing; when you can easily call me to find out if we are that close. Lol. I think people forget that tweeting each other and texting is NOT a real means of communication ....thats the easy way out in "getting to know someone" or showing someone you "care and miss them". Its disgusting. I was all about texting before too ; now I cannot stand that crap. Lol. I dont text unless I realllly have to ; and there are no other means possible. But phone calls are all I do lately. Esp since it is easier for me now; I dont have the time to sit down & type out crap through my phone. Just pick up the damn phone & dial my number if I am that important to you.

We forget how amazing it is to hear someones voice on the other line. Telling you things you cant possibly understand through a bunch of written out sentences on your phone window. How great is it to hear I LOVE YOU with a voice on it ; you hear the pure definition and meaning towards that I LOVE YOU. Its not just a three letter word anymore once its spoken a loud. I am a writer so yes I do believe words are the most beautiful thing a person can give to you ..your emotions spilled on to a paper with ink. There is a huge difference between a text message ; than a hand written letter; sent via air mail. Its the next best thing next to a phone call. Other than that though ; I think is a waste of time and false appreciation. So dont wait till tommorow to give that long lost friend a phone call to see how they are doing; or to hear the voice of your family relatives in long distances from you.

" If you need me ; call me ; never think I dont care " - Cormega ♥

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