Long Live Guru !

There has been on going tweets about many rumors and issues dealing with Guru. If you dont know who Guru is -- he was a member of Gangstarr.He had a heart attack over the weekend and has slipped into a coma. DJ Premier has informed the press that he had surgery as of March 1, 2010. Which was said to have gone well.. We've already lost too many hip-hop icons within the last decade, so let's show some emotional support.

There has been rumors flowing that Solar * Guru's partner for about six years now; has been denying the family to find out about Gurus status ; or letting them even visit. I just hope this is not true ; Because I can only imagine not knowing how my son or uncle was doing during such a serious health issue.

Let us all just pray for a SPEEDY recovery ! ♥

Relationships can grip with the pain
Arguments in the crib, in the streets, on the train
I’m crazy fed but then still
When she ain’t there I feel sad, I feel ill ♥

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