StreetStars @ Marfa Lounge

My boyfriend is part of a REALLY talented underground hiphop/r&b/rap group named StreetStars. He is one of the two R&B singers in the group - Yes; my boyfriend can sing ( super sexy I know !) LOL. Last night was his first time performing with them. It was so cute seeing him super nervous yet anxious. I went of course to support my boo ♥ & he did his thing. I am SO effing proud of him. He was nervous for nothing , cus he sounded amazing. I am happy that I pushed him & made him realize that his talent was something he had to show to the world; a gift God had given him to share with everyone & the whole crowd loved him. As embarrasing as it was for him to get off stage & sing to me ( GRR! lol) It was the cutest thing even if he did put me on blast infront of way too many people. My boyfriend is going to be the next Trey Songz ; just wifed up * sorry girls :) !!



They are going to perform @ Marfa Lounge again April 5th @ 9PM if anyone is interested. There are many other performers & amazing talent in one room - So come out to the LES for some fun & GOOD music.

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