Special Events && Websites.

This is going to be a post on quick shout outs & promotion for some dearly loved ones of mine ♥

FIRST off - My boyfriend will be performing with his group - * StreetStars on Monday - March 29th @ around 9-10 in the Lower East Side @ Marf Lounge. Come join me & see them perform ; they are amazingly talented & I am very excited for them. Will deff be there to support him; & you should too ! :) Marf is located at 101 East 2nd Street !!

NEXT - BIGGG shoutout to my co-worker / friend Tina G ! This is what I call an artist. She has got to be one of the most inspiring females I know. She is now selling her handmade; unique - one of kind journals. You can go check them out here at her site :

Lastly a shoutout to one of my R.L.N Ladies - Angelique. She is an amazing poet/ writer & everyone should check out her site. It will inspire & touch the lives of anyone out there : www.penhittingpaper.com

xoxo ♥

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