I wish I could tie you up in my shoes ♥

..&& make you feel unpretty too !

Never insecure until I met you ;
I used to be so cute to me - just a little bit skinny
why do I look to all these things to keep you happy?
Maybe get rid of you ; && then ill get back to me.

This song is very meaningful to me . It was a song that inspired about three of my poems. I have been in relationships with people that have made remarks about my weight ; the clothes I wear; my hair. They would pin-point all the things they did not like about me. Sadly I stayed still; when they were the main reason I became so insecure with myself. It is difficult to love someone ; and hear things like " You should maybe eat something " -( when mind you ; I eat a whole lot. Lol ) or " Why are you dressed like that ? ". It does not matter if the comments come from someone when there upset at you or not. I learned to really appreciate myself & my body - that now I know that was not acceptable. I am happy though that I did NOT let it get to me enough to change myself. I like the way I dress ; I like that I am a size B cup; I like that I am 105 lbs. I like my hair straight. I will be who I want to be. It was not healthy to hear all of those comments from someone who supposedly loved me ....it was very difficult , but I never told a soul. I kept it to my own , I stayed insecure inside myself & no one had a clue. I wish I would have spoken out , but I am happy I can now - to help other females ; or younger teens dealing with it in their relationships now. A person that loves you will never make you feel unpretty ; or not worthy; or not good enough. A person that loves you will never pin point your flaws & imperfections - A person that loves you will cherish every single flaw of yours and love it without wanting to perfect it. I guess it took me to be in a healthy relationship now to realize that.

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