90's Baby.

I am actually an 80's baby ....but it was the 90's when I got into music ; obviously. I was a bit too young in the 80's to understand music concepts & lyrics. Lol. But yeah if you follow me on twitter you know im listening to straight oldies right now. Here are some that stood out to me.

This one reminds me of my first heartbreak. I was head over heels with a guy that lived all the way out in PA , but he would come & visit Queens a lot. I used to write him letters via mail. It was pretty deep ...well as deep as it could be at the age of 12/13. Lol. He's probably even reading this right now , but eh whatever. Lol. It reminds me a lot about him & our "situation" way back in the days. Now me and him are super close; he became one of my closest guy friends since.

This song reminds me of being super young ; & taking camping trips with my best friend's and our families out to PA & NJ. We would either use the boom box in our tents or turn the car on and listen to the radio or our mix tapes we used to record while listening to the radio. Wow - Missing those days BADD!

I replayed this song in my room over and over the day my mother got me the cassette ; till I knew the whole song. I am pretty sure I also sang it at a family party before - when we used to make little shows for everyone. Lol. We thought we were superstars - eff that ; we were ! haha

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Lady G. & Cynz said...

Girl you just brought me back.....way back.....back into time LOL!