How to make it in America.

I have to apologize for not blogging in a while. I was VERY sick & out of it. Not a good time in my life ; but I'm better. Better enough to do a post LOL. I saw this AD while I was standing on the subway platform on Grand St waiting for the B Train. " How to make it in America ". It right then & there caught my attention. Unfortunately because I have been super busy I barely ever watch TV anymore. If I watch an hour a day its surprising. So I got home early today & with nothing to do I tuned into HBO on Demand to finally check it out. I AM IN LOVE with this show. Its the most real I have seen in 26 minutes. I love the fact that you see all these beautiful parts of NYC that people like me & you walk through daily. I work on the L.E.S ; so it was the streets I walk to go get my star bucks ; the streets I walk through to take my train back home; the pizzeria I go to to get a bite before going home. I loved it also because the soundtrack was all old school hip hop ; finally a show where I was able to sing along with the background music and really feel the vibe. It is also about REALITY; the life of young entrepreneurs in NYC trying to make it ; or just trying to make a couple more side dollars after or before the 9 to 5 job starts. It fits into 26 minutes - hustle; struggle; love; family; hope. If you have not seen it yet - you must. I feel like it really gives NYC its shine and definition through it. HBO on Sunday nights ; or check it on demand.

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