B.G.C - #FAIL.


Hopefully I do not offend anyone on here - because I know I have many readers & friends that watch "The Bad Girls Club". BUT I am so HAPPY that this crap is over & off tv - until next season. BLAH. I used to watch the BGC when it was really about improving females with bad characteristic traits; like season one. From there it turned into a whole other kind of show.

I am not a big reality tv fan - I cant stand many of them. I dont see the point in watching other peoples lives as entertainment ; like yours is not good enough to focus on. Dont get me wrong I enjoy some of them ; very few ones that really help you & teach you things about life & make you want to get up and doing something with your life; making differences.

But thats tough to find now a days on tv - which is why I rarely ever turn on my tv anymore. The bad girls club bothers the shit out of ( excuse my french ! ) because what is the point? to show people your bad ass & you can fight ? uhm . NEXXXT. Do you know how many young girls watch this show & look up to these females? OUT OF ALL FEMALES; these females fighting; cursing; punching for no real reason at all. Its sad.

I know many people enjoy it for the drama ; but its just not something I will waste my precious time on if its not helping my hustle ; or feeding my soul.

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