A mans point of view.

Written By : The Boyfriend ♥ Rob.

Sorry for the wait I know this blog post is sorta over due I'm just not as good with writing & wording things like my babe lol thankyou to everyone for the positive comments on our relationship we really do appreciate all the love & support. I am very honored to have the chance to post a blog on www.simpllygorjess.com I'm so proud of my babe for all of her achievements so I will try my best not to dissapoint her or her followers & give you guys my point of view on the things that keep our relationship very happy & healthy. As she pointed out first things first we both understand that we are our own individuals & that we both also have our own seperate lives aside from our relationship. Some people in relationships don't realize that you both have to have your own lives aside from the relationship & they think it has to be all about the relationship that it becomes their main & only focus it takes over their lives but then u gottta think God forbid if things go bad what are you going to have? You have to learn to love yourself completely before you can love & be happy with someone else. One very important factor is that we fully trust eachother, no doubts no worries. Were always there too support eachother thru anything & everything we are eachothers number one fan & we push eachother to go above & beyond in our talents we are passionate about. Also one thing I love truly is that besides being my girlfriend she is also my bestfriend. I can go to her to speak about anything we don't hide a single thing from eachother & the best part about it is we do not judge eachother were both there to listen & help eachother out as best as we can. Space is also key to a healthy relationship we both respect eachother & give one another our space & "me-time" lol even tho we may not get to see eachother as much as we wud like too because of our busy schedules, no matter what we never go a day without speaking always thruout the day we send eachother the most encouraging texts & we talk on the phone any chance we get & no matter what everynight before we go to sleep we talk on the phone tell eachother about our days & how they went, what we have planned for the next day & how much we miss eachother & always end it with a goodnight sweet dreams & most importantly, I love you. Its the greatest feeling knowing that the person you love so much loves you back just as much. We surpise eachother all the time whether its gifts that we bought to gifts that we made on our own & then there's the times we surprise eachother at work like I always do even tho somehow she figures out I wus surprising her lol or the lovely way she surprises me at my house after a long day/night of work :) I love all the gifts she gets me I truly do enjoy them & they mean so much to me. I love all the time we spend together too we go out & do a lot of things such as to eat, the movies, museums, walks in the park out for dancing & drinks, partying with our friends & family, and my favorite our movie nights :) cause as my babe said if you can't have fun with the one you love then they really aren't your lover or bestfriend. There's so many more things I can say the list is endless we always find new ways to keep our relationship very happy & healthy she truly is my love & my bestfriend, I want this forever, I love her.

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Jojo said...

That is the most sweetest thing ever. You two are so blessed to have each other. You two are an inspiration, because in todays day and age the bond between a man and a woman is not seen as a sacred thing anymore. But is seen as, i need a man/woman, i need to have a "boo". And the whole friendship is thrown out the window. I'm sure you don't have the perfect relationship, but that the beauty of it all. It's the bumps in the road that enable a couple to grow. I wish you both the best. Love and Love with the Love that God has shown us. You two are awesome.