My Tuesday ♥

So I think I may be the like 5% of females right now NOT watching the bad girls club fuckery. Lol. I am currently studying && doing things for work - while watching the news. YUCK - I feel so old. Lol , but whatever.

Today was a pretty good day . It was bake sale day @ my job today for the kids. I brung some delish pink;red;white cupcakes. They came out greattt :) Saved some for the boyfriend - && decided to be a sucker for love that I am and put the toothpicks in them ; as you see below. Lol.

After work we had Revolution Ladies Night. I am so proud of my co-workers for doing this amazing group meeting every week for NYC females. It is an amazing way to just express yourself artistically. We have done different things from spoken word events, to canvas art , and group discussions on body image; relationships etc. I have met very inspiring woman through this. Today me & Tina made a banner to put up at my job for the Art Gallery we will be having for Womans History Month. It came real great & glittery. Lol.

With my kids today I also finished our piece to put up at the art gallery event on Friday. They all drew different jobs females can do that people have always said only men can do - such as : Doctors; Pilots; Navy/Army; Police Officers ETC. It came out so cute && I know many will love it.

I was in the cooking mood all day today - I made me some great breakfast in the AM; and once I got home not long ago I was in the mood for some steak & french fries - So thats just what I made. Now my stomache is happy. Lol.

Gunna go finish all I gotta do - OHH & I got some packages in the mail today.

My Victoria Secret package ;) - no pictures ; sorry thats for only one persons eyes only. Lol.

&& Lastly I got this new keychain for me & the BF. I got us one a while ago which was two pandas holding 1/2 hearts that link together metalically. Loved that one so much I decided to get us these new ones <3 He has no idea ; but I guess he will know once he reads this. Lol.

Goodnight my loves <3

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