Not a Fan of ....

crazy girlfriend + crazy boyfriend = Bipolar Love ♥

UMMM... next ! I am a fan of healthy relationships ; not bipolar ones. It is FAR from cute when either both of you ; or one of you cant decide to be together or breakup all the damn time. Lol. It is also not cute to be "crazy". No one wants to feel like they got a 2nd mother or father. So take that somewhere else. IDK who would really be a fan of this...yes it is healthy to argue in a relationship - ONCE in a blue ; but not every other day - & then break up over it. You are not the notebook if you fight - stop thinking your Allie & Noah ... & comparing your love/hate relationship to a movie love story. Everyone should find a man or woman that just loves you for you - & does NOT make you go completely insane & out of your mind psychotic. Find someone that brings out the best in you ; someone who knows they want to be with you - no doubts about it. Dont settle for less; even if it means being alone for a while till you do find that great person ♥

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Bond Girl said...

LOL!!!!!!!! You're not Allie & Noah! I have to be honest I used to use stupid fighting and drama when I was in my first few relationships to "Test" their love for me. It sounds horrible and immature and ridiculous.... but I have decided to come clean about ALL of it.

However I do agree - LOL I also think it is incredibly addicting to become a fan of pages - i did it for about a week, and then realized there would be no end to it! I love your blog.

r u s s said...

I totally agree with the stuff you said in this post. Fights are very high school-ish. When you, your guy, and your relationship start to mature, you start to see and do things differently -- in a better, mature, and more peaceful way.

We all deserve to be happy and treated well even if there are misunderstandings so yeah, don't settle for less. ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈