Happy Birthday Abuela !

Today was my grandmas 76th birthday. Im so blessed to still have her in my life. I swear she is the only one - besides my parents that I know will be there unconditionally; no matter what. && go through hell & back for me to just be happy. I love that lady so much - & no one can replace her. I was grateful to have gotten her as my grandma & cherish every single moment I have with her. I took her; my mom & brother out for some applebees & then we came back home & waited for my boyfriend to come so we could cut a cake for her. It was real fun. She was so happy everyone was calling her & then her "boyfriend" ( she calls Rob my boyfriend ; her boyfriend. Lol.) got her flowers & I know he made her day even more with those - so thankyou baby.

Then we just relaxed here - ate some food; heinekens :) & the boys played playstation; since my God brother came also they were taking turns. My boyfriend is sucha little kid when hes around children ; lol. Its cute though. I bought the little nugget a renewal membership to his club penguin and he was helping me out with mine. ( PS : I only made one a long time ago because he wanted me to play with him in it ! Lol ). It was a very nice & chill saturday <3

Hope everyone had a good one too !!

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