Love Yourself.

I'm starting this encouragement/ awareness project called Love yourself ; inside out. Because I think it is important for females to realize there worth. Twitter has sadly taken over many lives across the universe ; and only pin points the clueless ; typical; "attention whores" out on the spot. I don't think many of them realize that what they think .....makes them who they are. So many females do not realize there is SO much more to them then there pretty little face & expensive outfits. I have learned to really love myself, after a horrible week. I now feel beautiful in a hoodie & some sweats ....and that is a great feeling. All the MAC makeup in the world cant make you a more attractive person ;outside. So stop pounding on all that lipstick & blush - it will not cover your lack of personality. I think girls need to wakeup and really put in perspective what men like about them. I love the fact that men tell me they love my intellect ; they love my view point on issues ; they love that I am not flawless; yet dont try to be anything other than me. It is a better compliment to me ; than hearing I am sexy ; or good in bed - lmao. In life you have to work with many people to get what you want from life ; so your louis this ; fendi that wont help you climb mountains . Your personality will get you to the top in seconds. Be yourself ; even if you think the person wont like it ; or they will think your boring ; be you - because if your not you ; people will see past it sooner or later. LOVE the person you are ; you are Gods child. & he made you & knows you inside ; out. So wear yourself; with pride. The real you - not the one the world wants you to be. You dont have to be stick skinny; you dont have to be rocking the latest Louis. You dont have to be spending your money on superficial glamor. That doesnt make you ...YOU make YOU.

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