We Love You Selena ♥

So now I am lost - not long ago ; like maybe umm ; a month ago they were showing on TV a show all for selena & it was recollections of her songs being performed in her memory. I thought it was for her birthday maybe - but her birthday is actually in April. Hmm?

Neway - Today on March 31st makes 15 years since her death. Its still so sad to me; because she was one of my most favorite singers ever. She was the one I used to sing to when I was like 6-7 years old. I used to make my grandma make me outfits just like hers and I would grab my karaoke mic & sing my heart out to Como La Flor. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. She was the reason I asked my mom to get my bangs cut; Lol.

As many of you that know me when I was little me; my cousin & two bestfriends would rehearse every weekend to make shows for our families at least once a month. We would do group songs*& solos. Yes - all at the age of like 7 years old. Lol. We used to ALWAYS do Selena songs ; she was always somehow part of the show. So it brings back really fond memories of my childhood when I hear her songs.

I remember the day we heard of the tragic loss ; I cried my eyessss out. It was hard - I guess since I was just 8 years old I didnt understand why it happened. But I remember going the very day the movie came out in theatres with my bestfriends & family and just crying so much && on our way home we were all still in tears. It is horrible that we lost an amazing & talented young lady. Selena would have still been killing the music industry right now; I know that.

May she rest in Peace ♥ We love you Selena !

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